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Sooke bear sighting three times higher than normal — 5 Comments

  1. Yes human logging that is!!! If you take a drive in the back country around Sooke lately you would understand why…clear cut everywhere…no more habitat for the bears…also beacause of Social Media crap…everyone has to share sightings…before we just seen them…left them alone and went on with our daily lives…now everyone has to post it…

  2. Paul we have discussed this many times. Posting bear sighting is helping to alert people to secure the attractions. When people know there is a bear in the area or in their neighbourhood they are reminded to put there garbage inside a secure building and take care of the other attractions which bring the bears to the area. Bears can smell garbage from2 klms away. We had 150 people call the Co to report that they had bears in their yard … “Of those reports, the vast majority of them are bears in garbage, bears in garbage, bears in garbage,” said Conservation Officer Service .
    I think social media is helping to educate our community and keep the bears safe. Bears should not eat garbage they are drawn into neighbourhoods populated by humans by attractants and human food sources.
    Prior to Wild Wise Sooke many bears were destroyed in Sooke every season. Now the numbers are at a record low. As a community we need to take ownership of the problem,” , we all should be encouraging people to talk to their neighbours, social media helps with this. We can experience a significant drop in human-bear conflicts within a few months of implementing Wild Wise Sooke -Bear Wise practices.