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Sooke Chamber pushes for Highway 14 improvements — 5 Comments

  1. We need road improvement now more than later, and I agree with lighting is poor and hard to see the lines at night, The road was good maybe 20 years ago but so many people have moved out there and more are about to come…… please make it happen

  2. Yes but wouldn’t it be great if.. while we are stopped in traffic our cars would shut off like the hybrids do so we didn’t kill each other with poisonous fumes? And when we inched along the electric motor would do it instead of big V8s constantly spewing exhaust? Just a thought maybe we all need to think about our families in the car with us and go for the hybrid next time.

  3. We need a new 4 lane hwy to sooke not just a couple passing lanes , I’ve been in 2 crashes in the 1.5 years living in sooke , both not my fault both on that crap sooke hwy