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Sooke Community Grants: Legion gets $10,000, and Council remains within their $50,000 budget — 10 Comments

  1. The grant fund allocation seems like a key community council issue to me. I find it disconcerting that three members of council were not present.

  2. So, council was not in support of the JDF SAR because they seem to be doing, “OK”.

    They seem to be doing, “OK” because they seem to spend a great deal of time and resources doing bottle drives and other fundraising events.

    Think about that for a second. The only marine rescue station in the Sooke area, who is dedicated to helping people on the water, has to go out and fundraise, so they can continue to help people on the water?

    They literally are volunteering their own time, to raise money, so in the event of an emergency, they can help this community…for free.

    I am in full support of the arts and such, but seeing the result is frustrating. I suppose there is a silver lining to all this. When a tragedy does happen on the water, and JDF SAR doesn’t have the means to help, there will be a lot of nice music festivals council can go listen to to cheer them up.

    At leaset they had some sense and helped out ground SAR.


  3. the provincial gov. has appropriated money for the food bank, happy for the legion, i wish the funding would of come from the community

  4. WOW! $500 for JDF SAR, what a slap in the face! These volunteers spend their time training, most of them over 200 hours a year, they give up between 2 and 4 days a week to be on call in case of emergency which means they can not be further then 15 minutes away from the boat on the days they are on call and they commit to a number of fundraisers such as bottle drives and burger nights in order to upgrade their equipment and most recently to refit the boathouse, more time that they volunteer. Why is it that a volunteer organization that already gives so much to our community is also required to fund raise in order to survive? Then because they have given so much of their time they are penalized because they are not running a deficit ~ yet. They have saved countless lives and sadly have also been witness to those that couldn’t be saved and counsel has gifted them with $500 for RECRUITMENT!! Who the hell wants to be recruited with such meager support from the DOS. What is a life worth? Apparently it is worth less then $500!

    • > Then because they have given so much of their time they are penalized because they are not running a deficit ~ yet.

      This is exactly right. Thank you, Lorna.

    • So under impressed with the response by Sooke council to the grant request from JDF SAR, that Westshore Vacuums will match their $500 Grant.

      • John,

        That is fantastic. Thank you so much.

        I have been a volunteer with Sooke station for just under two years and I can’t begin to express how impressed I am with the stations effort into raising funds.

        We don’t just sit around and wait until we are out of money, then ask, because we understand that kind of attitude would get people killed.

        The problem here is that some members of council are too short sighted to realize that every second our crews are standing at a bottle drive for 6 hours, is a second we aren’t training to save lives.

        Don’t get me wrong, $500 is better than nothing, but all that means is we can recruit more crew, that then have to spend time fundrasing so they can properly train, yet they then don’t have the time to properly train.

        Thanks to people like John, our crew can put more focus on doing what we are there to do. My hopes are that in the future council will realize that there is value in supporting those who dedicate so much time, and risk so much to keeping our community safe.

  5. Disappointed that three were missing, Very Disappointed at the SAR amount, Very happy they value our legion. I have mixed feelings on this one.
    I am super happy about the legion. (Thank you for that counsel)

  6. It is with much regret that I was unable to be at the Grants meeting Tuesday evening. After waiting 1 1/2 years I was
    scheduled for hip surgery Tuesday morning and I was not about to miss it. There were a couple of organizations I would not have been able to vote on as I volunteer with them. Once again, my apologies for not being there to
    participate in the process.