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Sooke considers lumber funds for local non-profits — 3 Comments

  1. Seriously? These are the types of issues that have me wondering if some of our elected representatives are even capable of running a hot dog stand (no particular offense intended to any of those vendors out there). Timber that the taxpayers paid to have cut, cleared, and stacked on District property at a cost of “up to $50K”. Now what to do? Let’s give the timber away! But first let’s spend another $2.5k to move it somewhere else. So let me understand this: we’d be further ahead if we’d just let it all burn to the ground in the first place. And apparently staff didn’t even start to think this through until after another “liability issue” was created. Egads! Small wonder our District taxes are increasing 5.57% this year.

    • Agree with you. Outrageous waste of time . Bravo Brenda Parkinson for, at the least, offering a generous solution.

  2. yes, this is boggling. What happened to the original plan for this land? It was originally declared unsuitable from the Library board and Councillor Reay guaranteed the District could make it viable and get it ready for building on without subtracting from the funds to build the Library and without having to pay $800.000 to clear and fix the drainage flooding. Timber is expensive and instead of the deal for a logging company to cut and take the trees they are paying to cut it and paying to get rid of the wood??