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Sooke contemplates energy, murals, ALR lands, and the OCP — 8 Comments

  1. I still believe the feedlot plan is nothing more than a coercion tactic to force Council to endorse/support the application to remove the land from the ALR.

    I get it, the owner wants to cash in on the development and profit potential of the land but I would have greatly preferred a presentation that demonstrates the proposed development’s benefits to Sooke outweighing the potential agricultural uses of the land.

    • Pretty much this right here. I think it goes without saying that the owner wants to see the land out of the ALR so it can be developed and a profit to themselves. That’s fine, I don’t have a problem with that; that’s one of the biggest reasons people buy and invest in land.

      A much better tactic would be to show how a development on this land could befit the community. Maybe a new shopping plaza. A community park. Day care centre. Clinics seem to be all the political buzz these days in Sooke, so why not a development like St. Anothy’s in Langford, etc.

      Rather than threaten council with the worst case “Do what I want or I will do this” come in with a proposal of “Lets do this together for the community” and it will likely be received a lot better!

  2. ???? Does not councilor Rick have a brother in law that has 200 plus areas of A.l.R. that is farmed, has tons of industrial processes being conducted and the largest trailer park in Sooke????