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Sooke could see hog feedlot beside homes, near biggest hotel — 16 Comments

  1. If using this as a threat, I hope council says no just in principal. It sets an ugly precedent, by saying just threaten the council of the day to get your way. Sounds like a lesson taught at Trump University

    • As long as they keep the land in the ALR that is what is needed. I saw this happen in Central Saanich. They put a pig farm on the property till they got their way. So sad, and wrong. ALR land is so important to preserve. They always say it is unusable as an excuse.

  2. I think its going by Tomminy r. Across the street, ocean side…beside The Prestige. So when that fog rolls in…guess what your going to smell…not the ocean.

  3. If it not farmable yet he is forced to pay high taxes because it’s deemed farm land but can’t be farmed and they won’t pull it out of ALR what would you like him to do ??? This is bullshit on the govt part ….not his .. and oh by the way … welcome to rural life many many years farms had farm animals .. soooooo again what would you like him to do ???m

    • IF. Nancy, who says, besides the owner and his agent, that it’s not farmable?

      Has the ALR said it? Has some unquoted expert in farmland viability? No one can answer that, his agent says so but fails to cite anyone else saying it. The ALR has specific Land Capability Classifications, details in the link at the bottom. What category does the land fall into and who did that assessment?

      I would think, when the agent went before Council, that if there was an authoritative source they could cite – like saying “BC Agriculture Council approved land consultant John Smith, in the attached report, concluded that the land falls into the ALR’s Land Capability Classification (X) and is not fit for farming due to XYZ” – which would take all of the “If I can’t develop it, I’ll bring in the pigs” nonsense out of the equation.

      If it’s just him saying it without some documentation by a reputable source, and it’s just a cash grab, then Council should refuse to be coerced into endorsing its removal from the ALR.


    • Look I have read you comments from other posts and you are just copying and pasting … you sir have nothing nice to say about this … he has run off which means his land floods and forms a swamp .. what the hell do you want him to farm.. hence UNFARMABLE … therefore take it out of the ALR .. how will that affect you directly … IT WONT …