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Sooke Council denies land removal from ALR — 1 Comment

  1. As I remember the earlier attempt to do a “land swap”, the report on the West Coast Road property said it was low grade for agriculture whereas the Otter Point property had a better grade because it was already being farmed. In other words, the people were using the land for agriculture and the soil was improved. It seems to be true of any land used for farming: it has to be cared for. If the West Coast Road properties were sold to a farmer, I expect the soil quality would improve over the years.

    I wonder what land remediation efforts were undertaken since 2011 when an earlier report was submitted to DOS? I stopped reading the Stantec Report, linked in the story above, when it said the WCR property was at the foot of mountains. I thought it started well with descriptions of the various soil types and grading system but when I got to “mountains”, I ran out of patience.

    Maybe read the full report to get an idea of what would be possible on the property with an investment for agriculture?

    Back in 2011, the JdF Land Use decision was to recommend inclusion of the Otter Point farm land in the ALR but that decision was not linked to the land swap. The deal between the land owners was linked to the land swap so the inclusion did not happen because the exclusion was denied.

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