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Letter: Sooke Council forges ahead with JPMP in spite of opposition — 7 Comments

  1. When is the next election.I can not believe that our council is so
    undemocratic(dictator like.
    And ther3e is a urban planner on the council.Have they failed the

  2. Thanks for the additional notes, Britt.
    Important note is that the entire greenspace/golf course was private land about a dozen years ago. It was part of a trade that saw the area across OP Rd be given residential zoning.
    I reckon we got a bargain: higher density in our core and a huge community greenspace.

  3. If you care about the park, please sign the petition for a full public engagement and referendum at: change.org/SaveJohnPhillipsPark.
    Thank you for support.

  4. Don’t forget the deal for Sooke to buy the Lions Murray Rd so they have money to build. The purchased land will likely end up as a downtown parking lot.

  5. In 2006 a community committee determined that John Phillips Memorial Park should have a community facility building. In 2020 the current Council endorsed that plan. The Sooke Lions are offering to build this community facility with funds raised. The alternative is for the District of Sooke to build and staff the facility burdening the taxpayers for years to come.
    The Sooke Lions wish to enhance the park respecting the need to be environmental responsible and are considering adding a sensory garden. This is a long process and is very fluid adapting to changing times. We hope to have a preliminary building concept that we will share with the community in an open house in the new year.Our business plan is on our website.

  6. Thank you Britt and David Evans for your positive input on this project. After making our home in Sooke 17 years, I fail to understand the negativity that continues to be expressed against the prospects of new and creative development particularly as it relates to the JPMP. Sooke’s only way forward is to embrace creativity and careful planning. This proposal is just that

  7. Spring 2021 survey on the park shows 0% support for an outdoor stage, 1% – for community building, 29% – for wetland protection, 28% – for more trees, 22% – for open-air structure. So the Lions/council two-storey club house and a soundstage go against the expressed wishes of the residents, ad per council’s survey.