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Sooke Council leads the way with reckless development in Sooke — 3 Comments

  1. I live in the Broomhill area and the development that is going on above us has redirected and weakened the flow of what I suppose was called “stone creek” even in the short time I have
    lived here (one year)… Sooke lives on the edge of Canada, of North America. We are an edge community to nature itself. We should be acknowledging our primary responsibility for preserving nature, visioning sustainable solutions for our community, and encouraging youth involvement with
    researching and innovating sustainabilities issues. There are many communities who are nestled in nature who acknowledge via law that growth must be curtailed, not simply managed, examples —Banff and Jasper. Yes of course they are National Parks…but we too are adjacent to nature and we need to take on the mantle of stewardship of this area rather than parcel it out for the developers, banks and mortgage companies.


  2. The mayor and Council of the District of Sooke is showing a clear and complete disregard for the natural environment, climate change, and tree protections. They continue to allow Sacred Mountain (aka Broom Hill) to be blasted to smithereens, large 50+++ year old tress to be felled and swaths of forest to be completely obliterated. Sooke will look like Langford in a very short while and with ZERO road infrastructure to support the massive influx of vehicle traffic from this unchecked, careless development of a once beautiful small town.

  3. Wholeheartedly agree with the author of this article and earlier commenters.
    At a time of climate emergency, the utter and ongoing desecration of Broom Hill – with the multi-phase, multi-year development that is going in – is nothing less than ecocide, which Sooke District is enabling. Make the OCP a truly meaningful, guiding document that enshrines, protects, and stewards our most valuable resource – nature. Spare us more lip service that ultimately panders to developers, at the expense of what is irreplaceable.