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Sooke Council orders staff to re-tender the Murray staircase contract — 33 Comments

  1. Generally speaking if one or more of your staff can not follow the rules or do their job they get the boot. Or at least that’s how it works in the real world.

  2. This is so — right hand not knowing what its own left hand is doing. Seriously — sad.

    • This is the same process that CAO Sullivan used to hire her friend Gabriel, no due process or competition.
      Come to think of it, Councillor Reay brought Sullivan in as they were friends from a previous political campaign. and Reay was the only one supporting her in the vote against retendering the job. Probably just a coincidence.

  3. here’s the big elephant in the room. does anyone in council or on the staff actually know what the hell they are doing and know the process of doing so. As a tax payer, it’s really getting annoying that at every turn there seems to be some gross incompetence at all levels at the district. what’s appalling is that there is people that have had provincial experience.

  4. After attending the meeting last night can say I struggled to get the whole story straight on this one. Not sure if the stair tender was out to tender for a week or a month was what seemed to be conflicting stories on that part for sure as well as if staff actually had authority to start the work. Definitely seems to be communication issues for sure between staff and council. At any rate council seemed to agree they wanted to start the whole process over to ensure clean slate on this. Could be issues with contractor who started already and some increased liability issues for Sooke but what you gonna do. I do agree with council starting again to ensure everything is done in accordance with the rules currently in place. Got have a clean start I think and try and get past whatever the issues are with staff. I am sure everybody is trying but they seem to be going in different directions.

  5. Why 75000? and who did they hire? Staff are just going rogue and doing what every they want spending huge amounts of our cash.. Come on Counsel let the staff go if they can’t follow direction or get approval!!!!

  6. Wood/labour is not cheap , especially if it’s oversized nice pieces of wood , I believe 75k is high. But it’s a big job, they already worked on this for 2 weeks … now they are owed money for that , 4 guys working in the mud for 10 days is expensive … Sooke will be paying for that and plus 70k.. and probably be sued !!

    Just let them build it , and suck it up .

  7. Thank you Clive for the laugh.staff should not have gone ahead that is definate. Staff should be reprimanded. This is not the first time contracts have been done without council approval. The wood for stairs and the work as well are an expensive fact no doubt. The work should go ahead,BUT, as I started to council before,the expenditure allowance for staff without council approval needs to be restricted. The proof is in the pudding. Two parking lot contracts were drawn up without council approval when staff was asked to get costs of parking lots and then suddenly,there were two parking lots we paid to upgrade and rental agreements drawn up without council approval.council doesn’t need to micromanage but procedure needs to be clear and procedure followed by all parties Who is in charge and makes final decisions at staff level???

  8. For contract awards – Maybe Council should post a flow chart in Staff offices.

    Is the amount over $25,000
    –> Seek Council approval
    –> Do not proceed with contract award.

    Is the amount under $25,000
    –> No Council approval required
    –> Proceed with contract award.

    Have you approved a contract for a project value exceeding $25,000 without council approval?
    –> Gather your personal posessions from your office
    –> Leave via the back door
    –> Drop your keys off on the way out.

  9. As a former Municipal Councilor from 2005-2008 I co-chaired the Boardwalk committee.
    I think its prudent to consider making the Murray Road access wheel chair/handicap accessible similar to MacGregor Park access to the Boardwalk so that it is contiguous.
    I’ve written our CAO and made this recommendation.

    • It is apparent that you are a politician. Wanting to spend more time and money on something that is already available. The other side is already wheel chair accessible. We do not need two worlds largest wheelchair ramps to access the board walk. One should be sufficient. Taking the current worlds biggest wheelchair ramp is a pain, hence why we need the stairs back.

  10. Only been here a year observing this Council and staff but it’s obvious to anyone that there’s a definite power struggle and some staff are really feeling entitled. Several times at a council meeting we’ve heard a couple of them telling the Mayor they’d need months to provide a simple report. Eye roll. Who’s in charge of hiring anyway?

  11. Power struggle is right. Unless they have a reason under the Labour Code to fire her, there will be a law suit and a year of severance like was paid to previous staff members.
    Why wasn’t a real bid put in by local companies including parts and labour. With a proper bid Council could see what work would be done and what materials would be used.
    This is looking like the Business Licensing fiasco where Staff and Council both screwed up and illegal business are still operating. Can’t wait for an election!

  12. There should be a rule that, for contracts of substantial size ($10,000 plus maybe) the project should be advertised well, with plenty of lead time; and if there are less than 3 qualifying bids the project MUST BE re-entered.
    There should also be conflict of interest checks just like in the ‘big city’.