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Sooke Council passes motion in spite of “strong” staff recommendation — 27 Comments

  1. Congratulations Sooke Pocket News, it is nice that council recognizes what at least over 2400 fans (constituents) already knew. It troubles me to read that recommendations from “staff” were sent to counsel ahead of time, perhaps this is normal practise but I voted for counsel not “staff” and it is counsel I trust to understand the needs of the community.

    • yes it’s a shame that some can’t easily access it but the issue was it being recognized as an official media source and I think it’s right that it is now.

    • The point is, SPN is one of many media outlets. Never would I say it’s the only one. Anyone who puts all their eggs into one basket when it comes to communicating (marketing) a message is a fool (or, wants to control the messenger). Some people JUST do paper; Some people DON’T do paper. And for those who go on the Internet at large, well, some do social media (Facebook), some use it for just email, some just bookmark their favs and ignore the rest.

      My request at Council, if you read it Tara (and I believe it was fully understood by those who heard it), was that SPN be considered a resource.

      And, if you read it, my request was that information be centrally available to all. Not just SPN. Not just print papers. By everyone, I mean if a blogger wants it, they should have it. Or a Facebook Group admin person. Or or or. That would include those OFF the internet because the print publications would get it too. Trying to use my inside voice here… gotta go, something’s about to ….

    • And, my point was not meant as an attack – simply a point to state that some cannot access it. I work in a community where many do not have access – so if the district is only going to be using one source- they will be missing out. I personally enjoy the pocket news

    • The District uses multiple paper sources. Nor do they put all their releases on their News Room. My request was for a level playing field. And, indirectly, to start calling SPN what it is: an electronic newspaper.

    • Britt, there are three bona fide media outlets in town, and you’re clearly one of them and have been since the day you launched. I look forward to seeing DOS public notices routinely from now on in the Sooke PocketNews.

  2. Congratulations Sooke PocketNews – though I can’t for the life of me understand how you couldn’t have been seen as such before nor do I understand why some of the councillors voted against what was clearly a motion to not discriminate against SPN. I do wonder why “staff” or anyone should direct or make recommendations to Council? I didn’t / wouldn’t vote for someone who just does as they are told!!

  3. What I find most interesting, the three councilors most closely associated with the hiring of the current CAO are the one’s to object, at her behest, and find that I must side with Ms. Logins once again: “I was actually not happy that we received an email from staff directing us how to vote before the Council meeting.”
    Ms. Parkinson: “I did not see it as being a financial obligation. I saw it as giving information to all news outlets so that they all have equal information at the same time.”
    Call me simple, but I agree with that.
    I have yet to be briefed on the staff’s “media strategy” for the district. That sounds ominously Orwellian, but the role of a free press in a free society can play havoc with most strategies.

  4. Congratulations Sooke PocketNews. As someone new to Sooke, I – like (clearly) so many others – rely on your Online Newspaper to be kept, efficiently and effectively, abreast of local information affecting our community.

    Having attended my first Regular Council Meeting yesterday, I was greatly perturbed by the statement made by Coun. Kasper that an email had been received from staff directing how to vote on this particular Delegation, and must trust that this is not indicative of common practice. As such, I shall very much look forward to attending the next Public Meeting so as to address my concerns.

  5. Public information is just that – information for all. Thanks for the excellent work in sharing and making that more accessible for all. I appreciate the effort you make in having all the information including that which is against you or differs from your opinions.

    It is nice to have a old fashioned news source with modern technology.

  6. Well done, SPN, Sooke will and must share public notices from council. Another way to encourage greater transparency.

  7. frankly, San-tow-ski (it bloody easy to pronounce with or without direction :)), it was such a simple and obvious request that the fumbling around on how to tell the public information on what they are doing (usually with no rationale) – direct or thru the media sources in the town – demonstrates how information is being controlled and how they want to maintain this control…simple and obvious request and should have had a simple and obvious answer, and they couldnt do that! congrats are in order as it is a small victory for openness and transparency which is not the aim of Teri, Gabi, and the people that have brought them in!

  8. First, Congratulations Britt . Second, It would seem that Ms. Sullivan sees her position as one where she can direct Council decisions. Excuse me, we did not elect her, we elected a Mayor and Council all very capable of making their own decisions.
    If our Mayor and Council accept these directions(orders) then this town is being very badly mismanaged.