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Sooke couple vacation in Aruba, fall in love with Ruby, hope to bring her home — 13 Comments

  1. how were you able to share rental accomadation and car with a dog who has fleas and ticks and not get them yourselves or leave them behind for the next renters if you didn’t take the dog to a vet?

  2. That’s amazing Deidre, Stu and Sharon told me at work that you guys lived in Aruba, but I had no idea that you guys adopted a dog and brought him home. Your story sounds just like ours.
    I have been working so hard to make this happen, and just got off of the phone from a very important call that could help bring us even closer.

    Fingers crossed that this time next month, Ruby will be laying on my feet as I type and update. 🙂

    I’m glad you were able to bring your sweet boy home. It makes me feel more optimistic that we will be able to as well… it’s all going to be determined by the vet check.

    It’s amazing how they capture our hearts.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I think the premise is you treat the dog for fleas and ticks prior to flying for good measure. Obviously she’s not cared for and the chances are there that she could have or may have been exposed.

    This couple is highly conscientious and responsible. Clearly not the point to pick up after reading such a beautiful article.

  4. Deidre Soderberg , we’re wondering how my dog will adjust to her new sister (permitting we get her here,) we keep joking that Ruby is going to take one look at my Basset Hound cross and think “the dogs here sure are FAT.” Haha.
    Amazing story, i’m so glad you shared.
    We also won’t be officially adopting, and plucking her off of the street – although no bribing is needed, she burries herself in my arms the minute I see her – and won’t let go.
    I’ll message you to let you know our outcome.
    Fingers crossed.

  5. I love yours and Ruby’s story. I was in tears. Do you still need a dog crate for her? We’ve got an airline approved crate. I believe I even have a water bottle that secures to the crate somehow. I just need to track that down.