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Sooke Fire Chief Steven Sorensen hangs up his helmet — 32 Comments

  1. Chief Sorensen is indeed an amazing individual whom I’m proud and honoured to have served under. He will definitely be missed on many, many levels; both around the station and in the community.

  2. Can’t imagine the department without you, Steve. Thanks for being such a great role model for everyone and for caring for our community. Happy retirement!

  3. Sorry to see an end to your career Steve. You have strived to work together with EHS and all the neighbouring fire departments over the years, and have done an amazing job. I have enjoyed – as many have – working beside you at many different scenes. Take care and know how many people are saddened yet supportive of you in your decision to hang the hat.

  4. As a long time member of the Sooke Fire Dept I am honoured and proud to have had the privlegde to serve under Chief Sorensen. He was a person that put countless dedication towards the Department, the community of Sooke and his fellow firefighters. He will truly be missed. Good Luck Chief! Enjoy your free time, you have earned it my friend!

  5. All the best Steve…thank you for your dedication and service to Sooke. Sometimes it’s just better to hang up the boots. Enjoy your new house building career.

  6. It has been one of he highlights of my time as MLA to be able to work with you. I will miss your candor and humour. Thank you for your tireless service to the community. The SFD will have huge boots to fill. All the best. John Horgan

  7. A lot of people go on to volunteer with their local fire department after they retire because they have so much free time on their hands and some start driving their spouse a bit bonkers. Not that you would do that. The SFD might even let you skip the mandatory recruit training if you ask nice. How about that? All the best to one of the best!

  8. Congratulations Steve, you have certainly earned a break from your daily routine. Take time to enjoy building your house and take time to enjoy your family. Thank you so much for your commitment to your job, I appreciated all you did for the Community of Sooke and those of us who live here . You Rock but it ‘s time to sit back in a rocker lol.

  9. We have been fortunate not to have had to rely on the SFD’s services…knock on wood… but have always felt secure in the knowledge that under Chief Sorensen’s command we would be in good hands if the need ever arose. Thank you for your dedication and service all these years and enjoy your well deserved retirement!

  10. I for one will miss you Steve. I enjoyed being on the Emergency Services Committee with you and I enjoyed volunteering for a number of the causes you put forward. You are an outstanding Fire Chief, community volunteer and all around good guy. I will not forget that you were there for myself and my family in our time of need. Take care and enjoy yourself, it is well deserved.

  11. I remember the Thurs nite in 1980(ish) Steve was accepted as a volunteer. It cost him a round of drinks lol. Wow great career Steve. Best wishes!!!!!!

  12. Congrats Steve! It has been a pleasure & Honor to work Mutual Aid with you. Not just Fire calls, but Courses,Fund Rasiers & Public Education. SFD will from now on have a void!

  13. Congrats Steve. I enjoyed working with you on the Protective Services Committee and Emergency Services. Hope you will learn not to leap out of bed when you hear sirens in the night. Best to you and the family in your retirement.

  14. Steve and family: I was surprised to hear this today, but then again to hear it made all the sense in the world. Why not enjoy and embrace life as much as one can after a busy career in the public service. I, too, wish to join all those who send best wishes and good health. Knowing you there will be many creative projects to occupy you and provide much enjoyment. We have always enjoyed much support from you and witnessed many exemplary endless hours of service to our community. THANK YOU. Phoebe and Bob

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