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Sooke fire danger rating is now HIGH — 3 Comments

  1. According to the Provincial Government Website on Burning Regulations: “Effective at noon on Friday, May 18, 2018, Category 2 open burns will be prohibited throughout the Coastal Fire Centre’s jurisdiction, with the exception of the Haida Gwaii Natural Resource District and the “Fog Zone”. Who should we believe as a credible and trusted source for information?

    • Hello,

      Anything put out by the government regarding fire regulations is for areas that aren’t governed by a municipal government, or who don’t have a fire station of their own. So, if you are in Sooke, Otter Point, East Sooke or Port Renfrew boundaries (as an example), your fire regulations are determined by your fire station and/or district. If you go out of these boundaries (and many campgrounds, hiking trails and gathering spaces are outside of these boundaries), you are then obliged to know the provincial regulations (in our case, the Coast Fire Zone, which includes the often-exempt fog zone). Smaller regions may choose to follow the provincial regs.

      I know it’s confusing! It took me some time to wrap my head around this. However, I hope this explanation helps. Thanks for asking, I’m sure there are others who have the same question!


  2. Well how about that! Who would have thought you’d need to go check all the fine print when the provincal government announces: …”Category 2 open burns will be prohibited throughout the Coastal Fire Centre’s jurisdictionan…” and then accompanies it with a map that includes Sooke? Thanks Britt.