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Sooke Food Bank hosts open house, stats are startling — 3 Comments

  1. With an estimated Sooke population of somewhere around 13,000 to 14,000, that means approximately 10 percent of Sooke residents use the food bank. That is a disturbingly high number.

    • Hi Noella, it’s probably smaller than that. These are the number of hampers given out. One can get a hamper, once a month. So, there will be repeats in there. Regardless, though, you’re right. It’s a disturbingly high number. -Britt/SPN

  2. There is a definate uptick in the “Hobo’s” of Sooke. (I use the word ‘hobo’ not as a hack at folks suffering from some unfortunate choices in life, but as a short hand so I don’t have to write two paragraphs to be politically correct)

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