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Sooke issues letter of concurrence, supporting the addition of Freedom (Shaw) tower in Sooke — 1 Comment

  1. Our entire neighbourhood was against this 150’ tower only 80m from one homeowner’s forest deck, too close for comfort from the rest of us who surround the proposed installation. Health Canada safety guidelines are grossly outdated compared to new international recommended standards and we view this decision by Council with much anger and trepidation. This was the 3rd attempt by Freedom Mobile to establish their 2nd tower in Sooke at this site. Predictably they have ignored and dismissed any discussion, not informed residents, have an atrocious customer service record, and due to the number of complaints, can’t even be accredited by the Better Business Bureau! They completely bamboozled the Mayor and 3 councillors, as well as the Fire Chief, citing the philanthropic giving they’ve done in Sooke and gaps in service that simply don’t exist in this location. Wireless service in our area is already fast and reliable, so it’s hard to believe a residential neighbourhood off Sooke Rd is the only location suitable for this invasion of privacy.

    Our forest homes are sanctuaries to not only families like us but 38 species of birds and wildlife that numerous studies show will be negatively affected by upcoming 5G service that FM will be selling space for. No one even asked about that! Would you want an expanding monolith 200 m away from your front window emitting a low hum and non ionizing rays 24/7? Of course not!

    We are shocked and shattered that Council put Industry ahead of our entire historic Glinz Lake area, already dealing with land appropriations for a new 4 lane highway. It’s unsettling when essentially one vote can destroy life as you know it and affect your property value as well. We are forced now to look for a new forever home.