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Sooke mayor awaits provincial Hwy14 report, says staff are working on in-town improvements — 11 Comments

  1. Highway 14, like many BC highways is very poorly engineered. The curves are not properly banked, the road surface is not cambered to shed water and it is paved with something that turns into a black mirror at night with even the slightest sprinkling of rain. There is too much standing water and not enough reflector posts or cats eyes. The same can be said about the Pat Bay highway and the newer parts of the Island Highway.

  2. It’s back to being a nightmare at night with the water and that awesome new painted lines that they redid.
    Easily see why head ons happen.
    Standing water is a huge problem.

  3. I don’t understand the lack in use of road reflectors in the lane stripe to help keep cars in their designated lanes. It’s especially necessary when it dark and wet. You can’t see the painted lane when the road is wet (which is often) and these reflectors in the road would be a great tool for drivers to use.

  4. Lines yes. I really value the lines on the outside of the lane, as well. On one dark wet night I was driving the Pat Bay Highway and came to a stretch where nothing beside the road caught my headlights to show me where the side was. Kind of freaky to be suddenly driving into a void.

    I found it both sad and funny in the four lane section of the Sooke Road when I saw the number of reflectors now on the side of the road adding to the confusion. They were probably scraped out of the centre by snow plow activity.

    All that being said, we are given our driver’s licenses with the assumption that we can judge road conditions and our driving ability and drive accordingly. A little common sense and courtesy to go with that has probably saved a lot of grief and could save more.

  5. Night driving is an absolute nightmare from Langford to Sooke. My “Cinderella” timeline is to head for home before it gets dark. Sadly there are hundreds, if not thousands, that due to work schedules have no choice. Another nightmare is driving in heavy mist or fog and people don’t have their rear lights on. Many people need to be reminded that it is up to them to make sure they are on as many cars rear lights do not come on automatically. My final rant is to all driver’s to please adjust your speed to the road and weather conditions. Stay safe and keep others safe by being smart while driving.