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Sooke mayor seeks community input on access to health services: Survey CLOSED — 59 Comments

  1. Why not started first with more ambulances and more permanent firefighters. When the only 2 Sooke ambulances are on their way to the hospital there is no other available in Sooke and it can take hours before one is back. Which mean during that time that it is the 4 permanent firefighters that are taking the medical calls and any volunteers available, but there is not so much available during day time. Which is one of the most important reason why the permanent firefighters have so much overtime, they do what they can, well even more, but there is only 24h in a day and they have also the right to a decent family life. I think that the mayor should also consider as a first step to improve Sooke emergency services.

  2. If there was a 24 hour urgent care center or a hospital in Sooke then the ambulance response time will improve, as paramedics do not need to stay at the hospital.

  3. I’m agree with that, that’s why I said as first step; because how long do you think it will take to have an hospital up and running in Sooke? Without mentioning the impact on the budget and taxes. In the mean time we needs those emergency services to be improved and even then when we will have an hospital (if we have one) that’d mean that the city will have grown quiet significantly which imply that’s those services will have to grow as well anyway. It just a matter to have the right plan in place.

  4. Maybe this is just Mayor, council & staffs way to distract all of the tax payers from things that we need to pay attention to.

  5. I commend Mayor Tait on her initiatives to lobby the Province for a new Health Care Centre. We cannot leave this responsibility to the Civic Government alone. The people of Sooke must come together and support the initiative. Every Health Care Facility has a “Foundation” which raises funds in their particular community. These funds are used to provide educational programming and equipment. Lets say 5000 people in Sooke donated $40 dollars each to purchase a new Digital xray machine ($200,000). The $40 is tax deductible with a refund of $8 dollars. You’re only paying $32 dollars so you, your family, and your community can have state of the art medical equipment. Now some people can’t afford $40 dollars and some can afford much more but together every dollar will count. Their are other very valid points above, #dividedby14 is also a very important concern for many. Write your MLA, voice your concerns as those who started the #dividedby14 have done.

  6. It’s not so crazy to have something small in Sooke, considering plenty of other small communities have hospitals or health centers that serve the area. You definitely don’t need something huge.

  7. Sooke would definitely benefit from a hospital. The walk in clinic out here is horrible, you have to show up half an hour before it starts to even potentially have an appointment, it’s so ridiculously busy it seems the doctors will say whatever to push you through and get to the next person, if you even get to see a doctor. The x-ray services out here are almost non-existent, the life labs barely has manageable hours for working persons. And as stated numerous times before, we only have two ambulances, which is not ideal when the buses are so crappy and the walk in clinic will tell people that they should “probably just go to emergency”. Emergency is a half hour drive away atleast. An hour on the bus (not including the potential wait time for the bus to arrive.)
    Also, since sooke is growing so fast, a hospital out here would probably be nice and extremely beneficial for expecting parents living out here.

    • Actually you can call after 8:30 to make an appt between 2-6. It is the doctors who run a private practice way to try and accommodate the people most in need who currently do not have a doctor at all.

    • Susan Christie that’s what I kind of thought. I’ve tried to make an appointment with them and have been told that I have to wait until walk in, and that they also don’t take appointments for walk in. The medical service out here just sucks. Hands down. But from the sounds of things it’s not much better in town either.

    • The clinic is doing the best it can. Try putting yourself in their shoes… they are maxxed out and pushed past the limit then get shit on by everyone. I worry that they might be forced to just go back to a doctors office for their own patients and Sooke will be in even more dire straits. Only once i n the 7 years I have been in Sooke have I not been able to see a doctor in the walk in.

  8. It took me 50 minutes to drive from Sooke to VGH, it could be faster/longer depending on traffic congestion, road conditions, and time of the day. The commute is only going to get worse as Langford, Colwood and Sooke continue to grow in population. Victoria, and Langford are running out of land to develope, people continue to move to the capital region and outlining areas. Population growth, and traffic congestion is inevitable.

    • Agreed. If I needed any kind of medical help for myself or someone I know, the last place I would go would be Sooke. Would never chance it. VGH it would be.

  9. The CBC article is one of the reasons why I think that Sooke should have a 24 hour urgent care center or a regional hospital. Walk in clinics are great when they are open, and are not a one hour or longer wait.
    Of course I would love for Sooke to have a real walk in clinic for non emergencies, but a urgent care center means that the doctors will get paid, the residents of Sooke, and outlining communities will have access to health care in a timely manner in our community.

  10. Even a minor injuries unit would be better than nothing. At the moment I travel out of Sooke for healthcare but there will come a time when I won’t be able to drive….then what happens!!

  11. Im honestly not trying to start anything but even the waits in westshore clinics and as far as down town clinics are an hour to 3+ hour waits and thats even with 2 hospitals… doesnt matter where you go there is always going to be that wait… just sayin

  12. To understand have a better understanding about the reasons why there are long wait times at walk in clinics, and why so many doctors are going to other countries, or are training as specialist/ choosing to work in the hospital you should read the cbc article from a couple days ago titled: closure of BC walk in clinics spurs petition for more family doctors.
    What also needs to be kept in mind is that Sooke is not asking for another walk in clinic. We are asking for a hospital or a 24 hour urgent care center and access to diagnostic machines like x-rays clinics within our community.

    • This is Sooke, not the city. Everything you just listed is what cities have. Sooke is a town. Towns dont have hospitals or xrays.
      I am not asking for a hospital. If anything another clinic and a few more doctors would fill the void

      • RIGHT ON! We have good services for a small community….People need to stop complaining about how good we have it in Canada!

  13. What we need is a new mayor after the next election…. Kevin Pearson is our best shot at this town going anywhere. We need someone attached to our home town we elected our current Mayor over Herb Haldane which was the biggest mistake made by voters and if Herb is unwilling to run again the only person that is equal to what Herb Haldane was willing to do is Kevin Pearson

  14. The focus of thought should be on whether we wqnt to serve or attract a senior retirees to Sooke. If the answer is yes than a medical clinic is needed,

  15. Look after the Now..Not Dreaming When someday!
    You have many council in camera decisions that have not been fulfilled…start with what you have already promised!