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Sooke Medijuana Dispensary — 15 Comments

  1. I’m confused if it’s not allowed then why did the Landlords agree to rent to them? and why do the doctors write prescriptions for its use? Without the doctors and Landlords supporting the industry there would be no sales , unless I’m missing something this is a legit business that fits right in with this particular industrial area in Sooke.

    Seems like we need to go after the doctors and Landlords in addition to the dispensary here if we are so offended or get more educated on the subject.

    • They are not technically legal. Most people who use them do not have a federal permit. They usually have a “prescription ” from an in house naturopath ( in some cases they do it by video skype, not even in person.

  2. We haven’t heard from the local RCMP on this one yet. Will they be waiting to arrest shoppers coming out? Also I wonder where the drugs come from? Did the owner grow them? Are they from the local drug stash mixed with crack? I hope they have a good lock on the door to keep out the Sooke night prowlers. Too many questions. At this point I think I would prefer a Tim Hortons instead. Legal caffeine.

  3. I don’t personally have a problem with this type of business, but am very disappointed that it is located at one of the most prominent locations in Sooke. It may leave a negative impression with tourists and passer-by’ers, and could be detrimental to other businesses close by.
    I wish the new building owners would have put a bit more forethought in allowing this type of tennant/business model there.
    Wondering it the land use bylaws or zoning allows for that type of business as a permitted use?

  4. Had a look at the Gorge Rd. web site, they have several types, called Gods Green Crack, Duke Nukem and Comatose. Kinda indicates who they are trying to attract as customers.
    We get lots of direction from Sooke Council. Wonder if they have a comment on this new direction for Sooke? I kinda bet they won’t have a comment.

  5. Worried about a dispensary in “one of the most prominent locations in Sooke.” And you’ve been a resident for how long? Do you recall what that building looked like before and what used to pass as a “business”? All corner store attempts there have been a joke over the last 10 years.

    I’d be pretty miffed if Sooke was suddenly overrun by dispensaries, sure. But one dispensary to serve the needs of locals in Sooke as opposed to the costly venture into Victoria is welcomed. Those less fortunate who have no choice but to go by bus, and suffer through pain management (as an example) on the bus can now stay local.

    Unless there’s clear evidence it’s going to affect other businesses, it’s welcomed… seeing as we’re overrun with liquor stores as a comparison.