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Sooke narrowly supports Freedom Mobile cell tower on Otter Point Road — 31 Comments

  1. Telus came to Sooke and ran their fiber optics down every street and had salesmen going door to door with promises of better everything. Well we still don’t have any wifi in Sooke. If tourists or locals need it they have to go to McDonalds. Maybe Council can make a deal with Freedom…

  2. This is not a new issue/debate….but as said a few years back by a town councillor, Everyone has a cel phone in their pocket, but nobody wants the tower that supports it in their neighborhood…..

  3. Sad…with so many against it and the same council members that always stick together…the Mayor should not have the deciding vote…the next election can not come soon enough!

    • Because it makes more sense to have a stalemate and no decisions made at all? The Mayor is elected just like the Councillors… makes sense she gets to vote in the event of a tie… not to mention it’s the law.

    • I understand that but those 4 stick together on all the votes…even when so many town folk go out of their way to voice their opinions…but that means nothing to them…well I hope all 12 freedom mobile users have better service now.

    • There are no freedom mobile users on the island. They are trying to expand, that is the whole point. Their prices are half that of the existing cell phone monopoly… before complaining about something, you should try getting a bit more informed…

    • I am very informed and they are not half…We have good choices already in Sooke and having one tower will not provide the needed coverage for anyone to change providers…Thats the point! And if you are so “informed” what monopoly are you talking about?

    • The monopoly of the big 3 cell phone companies. Bell, Rogers and Telus. Different companies, but all seem to offer the exact same plans and prices, so effectively no competition.

      Freedom is a new player, and you are right… one tower isn’t enough, here’s hoping they put up many more in the area to encourage proper competition.

    • Sooke isn’t small anymore. I’ve been here since ’89 and get a laugh out of people who’ve only been here a couple of years wanting to keep it small.

    • When I moved here…Home Hardware wasn’t here…a small mom and pop hardware store…lost out to big franshise. One supermarket (Village, where Western is). Seaside Pharmacy (family owned) later lost out to Shoppers. One traffic light. No street lights. Quiet. Half the traffic. Chevron site was a small park. A couple of family run restaurants (Schooners and Mom’s Cafe). RCMP were stationed in a house on the corner of Drennan and Sooke roads. Fire Dept was 2 bay building where Royal bank now is. No Steeplechase or Sun River. Church Road was all farms. Now 3 traffic lights, crazy traffic, fast food franshises. Small is gone. Sooke has become what Langford was 25 years ago.

    • These keep Sooke small and behind the times comments are hilarious. Instead of people going to Langford if they don’t like it, there’s always the bush for those people don’t like evolution and human advancement…lol

    • Reg Todd It was Seaview Pharmacy, and the park where Chevron is was actually built by Chevron, they owned the land years before they built the gas station. Home Hardware was around in the early 80’s, it was in the building by the lights with the various galleries now.
      Also, don’t forget Payless Gas, we actually used to have something open 24 hours 🙂

    • I actually worked weekend graveyard at Payless in ’91/92, and my daughter worked there just before it closed and was torn down. I think the thing I miss the most is Schooners. It was a great restaurant. One of those famly run places where everyone knew everyone.

  4. I am a Sooke Resident, have been since 2009 after a long career that took me off the island and around the world. Happy to be back, and happy to report I 100% support as does my household and all my friends, the cell tower addition in Sooke. We couldn’t be at the meeting yesterday as we are generally busy people with jobs. We feel the vast majority of Sooke Residents want increased communications abilities here. We also want more jobs, more businesses and more modern conveniences. Hello Timmies, are you opening a drive thru yet? Thank you Madam Mayor for breaking the tie in favour of sane people.

    Bothered and Hot on Grant.