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Sooke RCMP issue a release on the Sooke shooting — 16 Comments

      • Really, when was the last drive bye shooting??
        And why exactly will it not be the last?
        Don’t get me wrong the pr helps keep people away

  1. How long did it take the RCMP to arrive? No wonder they escaped! Where are the police in this town?! Keep your baseball bats and shotguns close because the cops can’t respond in time if they’re not here!

    • The police had responded and were actively searching for the shooters within approximately 15 minutes and had the roads blocked in about 25 minutes.As stated below they can not respond to crimes if they have not been reported yet.

  2. Cops can’t respond if they don’t know it’s happening until it’s done. Sometimes he phone call can take time and then the response takes time. No one’s t fault but the shooters.

  3. Mayor taut says that all parties involved are known to police. If that’s the case, and this is a manhunt wouldn’t the police release the names of the suspects as they have in previous police incidents?

  4. How bout the speculation and rumours stop?
    Something awful happened and more will be released as it comes out…why do some immediately jump to criticize every chance they get?
    As for the mentality of keeping shotguns close, give your head a shake. Jeez.