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Sooke RCMP looking for 25-year-old Joshua Nicholas Lafleur, Sooke shooting — 11 Comments

  1. It’s only going to get worse, with local backyard growers of Marijuana competing for a bigger market share of the pie that will be lost to their business, by the proposed 3 legalized pot sales outlets opening in Sooke. We moved away from Surrey on the mainland for this very same thing, drugs/ gangs/ shooting. Buckle up small town Sooke, sadly we are about to enter the real big world.

  2. How do legal pot shops bring gangs and violence?

    Have you been to the dispensary in sooke?
    You have no clue what you are talking about

  3. all for legalised pot…but how is that the pot shop just suddenly appeared and the Sooke Brewing Company has had to get approval for stages of its development via public presentation at recent council meetings? and what’s with the Townsend Road inner city Sooke skid row thing?! this town is frickin’ weird in so many ways, like Twilight Zone weird, with incongruencies everywhere you turn. but targeted drug related shooting down a quiet Sooke road by individuals known to the police with outstanding warrants for arrest??!! that’s scary…because that means inevitable collateral damage. Sooke has no idea, and is in no way ready, for what’s coming its way. legalised pot shops don’t end turf wars, they just make it all the more lucrative because now there’s the legal market AND the black market to vie for. i’d say head for the hills everyone, while you can, except that you’re likely to stumble upon some massive grow-op/meth lab combination whichever direction…so simply stay low and keep your heads down til the dust settles. it’s not like Sooke town, given its haphazard development plans and executions, is attracting any of the “better” elements out there, so, with the RCMP suggesting we privatise our security because they can’t seem to cover all of our policing needs, what else can we possibly expect than more of what went down on Ella Road? #weareallellaroad

  4. This idiot has been bad for a very long time. He pulled crap here in Sooke nearly 4 years ago and is still at large for that. Break & Enter and theft of firearms. Why in hell didn’t the Police arrest him witrhin those 4 years already passed? Now he’s off shooting people and this didn’t have to happen.

  5. Wild wild west. Might the RCMP be letting the bad guys do their policing job for them, standing by while those “known to them” take each other out? Vancouver PD did/does that, and so does the Surrey RCMP (which seems to be training ground from where some of the Sooke detachment have hailed) and it worked/works for the most part, save a stray bullet or two that finds it’s way to an innocent bystander while sitting on his couch watching the 10 o’clock news. What to do? Befriend your neighbours, and their renters. Rebuild our neighbourhoods. Have block parties. Know what’s going down in the garages next door. And call everything in when you see it, feel it. It’s not big brother, it’s good neighbour, keepin’ our kids who ride bikes down the street and play hockey on the road and shoot hoops in the driveway SAFE. (Not working so well for those living on Robinson Road though…?)