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Sooke RCMP on the prowl for distracted drivers — 12 Comments

  1. Put down your god damn phones and pay attention! Could care less if you wanna risk your own lives but unfortunately others will pay the price for your stupid decisions!

  2. They are doing their job and likely saving a few lives.
    sometimes getting hit I the pocketbook is the only way to deter some people.

  3. We could actually put these guys into a different job – just by following the laws. What a novel idea!

  4. Good I hope they catch a ton of people! You’re putting not only yourself but everyone around you at risk. Nothing is that important that it can’t wait until you get where you are going or pull over.

  5. …. If you feel you are so addicted to the cell phone and can’t stay off it while driving – lock the darn thing in your trunk before hitting the road!!

  6. They won’t be disappointed and it’s about damn time. Sick of people who think their phones are so dang important….
    Nothing and I mean NOTHING on a phone is more important than my life, or theirs , or anyone else’s
    Put the damn phone down and pay attention