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Sooke RCMP warn against vigilante activities — 22 Comments

  1. what a state we are in…here in Shirley the RCMP have been great going after the prowlers and at least one was arrested in a stolen car, Shirley Delish had a b&e as well, and our neighbour dealt with an attempted one last wk…so unnerving however the “word” is there are locals who are into drugs and have previous etc as usual the police “know who they are” let’s hope they will be able to catch/prosecute these people.

  2. If there was a report of crime activity in the house that was Vandalized obviously the RCMP have not gotten back to the local residents of their findings or their investigation. Communication is key people if it looks like they aren’t doing anything about it than there are some people that won’t put up with it and they will just take care of the situation themselves.

  3. Get active then!! Gathering info for an arrest that won’t do anything is useless.
    Make your presence felt then. You did in Langford with the bikers.
    Park at the end of the driveway for a week straight!! Free up the McDonald’s parking lot for a while. Maybe set up road blocks in front of the house every other day!! Make them un comfortable!!

  4. Exactly Trevor Bligh obviously the neighbourhood is upset and they want something done!!! I bet everyone in Sooke could name 10 houses that the police should be investigating but these residents are fed up with what they are seeing.

  5. Everyone in that area is fed up. So many break ins and everyone knows who’s doing it. There are single mom’s with children in the area who are scared to death. I dont necessarily agree with taking matters into your own hands but its kind of hard to just sit back and let it continue. No one else is stopping it.

  6. You call them and they don’t want to leave the office, I called re: a man being kicked in the head ( unconscious ) on the road and they did not want to respond , wtf?

  7. Yes,we don’t want to end up like in the US where we all have guns to protect our property. Maybe its time for #Sooke council to stop trying to save a buck and hire more RCMP and Fire members. Money well spent!

  8. The only thing that will not be tolerated in this situation is the lack of police presence at night and lack of responsiveness when this town needs them! That is the problem at the root of the events of last weekend. That is why there are people driving around with shotguns and baseball bats at night!

  9. Would matter anyways, defendant are provided a public defender. It’s there job to get this dick heads off provided by our taxes. The system only service itself. 14 people were arrested last year for possession of drugs, illegal possessed guns and stolen property..How many of them do you think are in jail?

  10. Have the RCMP at least looked into whether these people ACTUALLY are druggies and thieves? Or am I the only one that see the issue with the lack of follow up on that fact?

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