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Sooke resident catches bus on fire, on video — 16 Comments

  1. I am on holidays this week…good thing, that was my usual bus home from work!

  2. Looks like it was filmed from a hand held device by the driver, not a dash cam, Which is illegal. Posting her name with the video is stupid.

    • Perhaps there were two people in the vehicle……one person driving, and the passenger filming.

  3. ‘Headline misleading’? Really? Has the level of literacy in our country sunk to such a low that people no longer understand a correctly-written English sentence? If one were to be very picky, they could say that “records” might be a slightly better verb choice, thinking that this headline indicates that the person who captured the video was in fact responsible for starting the fire on the bus is from the same school of [lack of] education as “he ran me over”. Come on people, we may be small and rural, but we don’t have to sound like grade three was the toughest four years of our life!