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Sooke resident charged with possession of child pornography — 5 Comments

  1. His name was posted,in Victoria news and Esquimalt news.,as well as n Chek news. He is a Petty Officer in the navy. Just gotta look it up on Victoria news.

    • Hi Fergy. SPN made a conscious decision not to publish the man’s name, given the nature of the crime. Court records show that he appeared in the Westshore courts on September 8 (not the 10 as suggested in the RCMP release above). All charges have been STAYED (“stay of proceedings,” directed by the Crown).

      According to http://www.justicebc.ca/en/cjis/you/accused/court_decision/index.html

      “Stay of Proceedings – This means Crown counsel has dropped the charges against you, ending the prosecution. However, for a serious charge, they may re-start the prosecution within one year of the stay. For a less serious charge, Crown counsel may re-start the prosecution within six months of the incident that led to charges. If the prosecution is not re-started within those time frames, the matter is over.”

      I will monitor upcoming court appearances.

      Thank you for your diligence, and for bringing this to our attention. We do appreciate your readership! Yours, Britt.