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Sooke Road experiences 837 crashes between 2011-2015 — 18 Comments

  1. Yup use real paint and make it friggan glow before we all have 100000000 lumen headlights to make it impossible to drive at each other at night so.e headlights are so bright you end up blinded for a few seconds it is getting ridiculous! Time to find a paint that will hold up to traffic and let people now where the lanes are on dark rainy nights!

  2. Sooke needs an alternative route into town. How about a road along the hydro right of way? No traffic disruptions during construction either.

  3. It’s almost time for a freeway,,,just imagine needing an ambulance in sooke and the road is closed for 6 hours,,,whoops sorry mate ,,no ambulance for you!

  4. Interesting, I just want to say that the kneejerk reactions will be “slow down and there will be less accidents” but when a long line is following one 55 or less driver the accident rate will be HIGHER. SPeed the heck up people and pay attention.

  5. Barricade the centre line and cut rumble strips where possible beginning with the most hazardous areas as an immediate first step. Create a park-n-ride that in turn would prompt increased transit service and dedicated bus lanes between Victoria and Colwood. Revisit carpooling and vanpooling initiatives that have been left abandoned and take a serious look at an LRT service from Sooke to Sydney and points up island. Sooke (and the CRD) is growing at a measurable rate and transportation requirements will eventually reflect that. BC is currently reviewing Highway 14 to Port Renfrew. The road between Sooke and Langford must take priority over the West Coast Road portion as this portion is adequate as it is for now. As one whom has driven the Sooke Road many times, it has always been my sense that this road has been a danger to travel on for far too long.

    • So many good ideas and points in the comments here. My comment is about the terrifying 17 Mile area. It’s bad enough for motorists making that left into Sooke, from Gillespie. But also it’s extremely dangerous for pedestrians and transit users, as there’s no controlled crosswalk. And the “park and ride” lot is another deathtrap: after a day working in Victoria, people living in Sooke or East Sooke have to make another one of those nasty left turns, out of that lot, at a time of day when traffic is nonstop and drivers are not in the best of moods .

  6. While I am a stong advocate for improving that road, BC Transit makes a very valid point when they suggest that the road needs fewer drivers moving more people. But to encourage transit use Highways needs to address some significant problems on the road for all users.
    1) better lighting at intersections,
    2) bus stops need to allow buses to exit traffic lanes (shelters and lights would be nice, too)
    3) That pull-outs be implemented for slow moving trucks, RVs, boats as those recently put in place on Highway 4 west of Port Alberni and,
    4) That the hilly S-curves from Connie to Manzer be addressed.
    There are other potential upgrades (dedicated transit lane, left turn lanes at intersections…) but these 4 relatively quick and easy fixes make a good start rather than to just say, “Fix the road!”

  7. The road is a deathtrap to those that dont respect it or don’t have much driving expeience. Moved here 2 years ago, and the state of that road still shocks me.

  8. Just heard a newscast on CFAX saying that our MLA, John Horgan will be making an announcement this week!
    Thanks to Sooke residents for staying squeaky!

  9. I don’t live in Sooke, but I’ve driven Highway 14. It’s beautiful, but looks nasty in heavy traffic. I understand the temptation to widen it. Unfortunately, widening the road will just bring more traffic. The phenomena is called “induced demand”. Better transit infrastructure can help though. Here’s a link to an article on induced demand, for those who are interested: https://www.strongtowns.org/journal/2015/11/20/reducing-or-inducing-traffic