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Sooke Road improvements update from the mayor — 9 Comments

    • Just this morning I was second in the conga line of frustrated drivers behind a guy doing between 45 and 55 all the way to Langford…..at the 4 lanes I checked my mirror to see 15 cars passing him already before I rounded the bend and an endless line trying to

  1. Bwahahaha…”The Ministry staff is examining the policy to have more effective messaging (accidents, detours, construction) put on the digital sign that is at the 4 lanes. ”

    Detours. Really?

  2. YES! Not impressed with the paint but twice a year will help a lot!

    “Line painting with the improved ‘BC Bead’ paint will be installed sometime between May and October. Starting in 2019 it will be refreshed twice/annum.”

  3. We really do need to up the speed limit from the walking path crossing near the Stickleback all the way to the 4 lanes and then at the four lanes increase it again …80 and then 100 will be fine

  4. Ya – 80 with all those drive ways and sharp/blind corners that are on the highway. As if we don’t have enough accidents and road rage already!

  5. This is all great news, but nothing from the MoT about improvements to west coast road beyond Sooke. I’m out to Renfrew acouple times a month and the road is getting worse and worse over the years with very little patch work being done.