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Sooke roundabout construction update — 6 Comments

  1. I only got caught in it once, when they were setting up for day one morning. Just have to be patient. It’ll be worth it, and it hasn’t changed my resolve to shop local.

  2. I feel bad for the businesses in the mall and for people trying to get into the mall work.

  3. On Friday I witnessed a female flagger reprimand an elderly person who got confused of which way to go. She had all traffic at a complete stop while she literally yelled at the confused driver. A co-worker flagger hollered at her from across the road to “lighten up”. ME… I told her, “you suck”. You simply cannot stop 3 lanes of traffic to yell at someone. I hope her boss gave her a reprimand of her own.

  4. Do you have experiences sitting in traffic?

    I’m sorry, but this seems to be a leading question driven by the obvious. A roundabout is being constructed in the centre of town. There will be a lot or construction works as a result. The obvious response is…. people will have negative experiences of ‘sitting in traffic’ whilst construction is underway. Why ask the question otherwise?

  5. Today, 1:50 PM, my wife heading West through the construction was stopped by older male flagger, and when it was time to proceed slowly, as he was standing in the middle of the lane to use to go straight, she made a side of pointing and questionning where he wanted her to go, she did not not know if she had to go to the right and he directed her to go right in the evergreen mall parking lot and than proceeded to scream at her for not using a flasher…last week, I saw 2 flaggers hitting and chasing each other with their signs…and another texting cell phone against the sign not paying attention to traffic…..3 days ago, 2 flaggers standing 10 feet apart had signs that read the opposite of one another, than they realised and both changed at the same time to the opposite again….and you are telling people to do what??? Oh way, respect the flaggers…..dash cams don’t lie….

  6. As someone who’s driveway etc is impacted by this construction… It started off rough and we had issues but the site manager responded fast and we have not had any more issues. The team working is great! The flaggers are working hard and I am very impressed with the organization they now have! Great job and I believe when complete it will make a huge difference for the better with traffic.