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Sooke School District asks parents to opt out of bus registration if at all possible — 10 Comments

  1. This would be great if they offer a bus pass program. My son can’t take the bus as there is No spot for him but 50 bucks a month for a crap bus system isn’t helpful for families. Just saying

  2. If you didn’t register within the window given at the end of the last school year(obviously some exceptions) you should be out of luck. If they really depended on the bus they would have registered prior to summer….very clear they’re taking advantage of that fact that it’s free this year.

  3. How did the district not see this coming? They have the addresses for all students and hopefully can do basic math. If they didn’t have the resources to offer the service to all the kids potentially using the buses then they should have acquired the resources/people and then offer the service. The rest of the country doesn’t have these issues. You live in the school district but not close enough to the school for your kids to walk then the school district has a space allotted for your kids if they use it everyday or not. That’s why we pay taxes.

    • The school district doesn’t get to decide how much of our taxes hours towards the schools. As mentioned, they will now be taking funding from classrooms. If you didn’t need a bus before it was free, you probably don’t need it now.

  4. Even when I took a school bus for the last time 4 years ago it was WAY too crowded. No seats and you’d get yelled at to sit down but if there were no seats because no one had to use their passes you’d be kicked off. All because there’s too many kids!