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Sooke set to approve 5.57% tax increase — 5 Comments

  1. I would like to know how Council voted on these tax increases so I will know who NOT to vote for next time. I will have to back and look at their election promises and see who said they would not increase our taxes. They wanted feed back and I have not heard one resident say they wanted their taxes to go up. But, guess what they will do it anyway.

  2. Shame on the mayor, council & staff for their greedy tax grab. There is no thought about how this effects all of Sooke!

  3. For what? What is it that Sooke does that demonstrates value for taxpayers for this money? What evidence demonstrates that a tax increase or the current tax rate is justified?

  4. The cost of doing any business continues to rise so, in general terms, I understand the need for tax increases. Council should consider adopting a long-term policy of capping annual increases at no more than 5 percent and then try to bring in budgets that can be serviced at or below the annual increase cap. That way, property owners know what to budget for going forward. For those who continually oppose ANY increases, have a look at your other bills and see which ones have gone down year over year. I’ll wager not many have done so.