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Sooke Soccer calls for support at today’s Council meeting — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Britt, I guess Mr. Hicks hasn’t heard the news, but as I believe you’ve already reported, Sooke council approved in principle taking $400k from the Playing Field Reserve fund and $300k from the Community Works Gas Tax to match the JDF contribution. See the discussion starting at 1:03:20 on the March 21 replay: http://sooke.ca/online-services/council-videos/all-videos. Other funding sources will be sought to enable a more deluxe configuration at Fred Milne Park. Councillor Kasper figures it won’t happen this year, but there’s a good possibility for new all-weather fields in 2017.

  2. Just looking to define where the $400,000 reserve fund came from. Is this the money from the SunRiver school playing field that was never built? Was it when council allowed Sunriver to take the land and build houses on it with a promise to put the playing field in another spot, then they decided not to do that and just paid out the $400,000 instead. This money was to pay for a complete new field, not to add astro turf to an existing field. Maybe Councillor Kasper can explain how this is best for Sooke.

  3. Go get em sooke soccer!! The club has waited a long time for some political support. .it’s about time..the community association has done a awesome job of taking care of our youths outdoor recreation!! It’s time for the district to help out!!!