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Sooke staff is slim and trim — 19 Comments

  1. One can hope that good things will eventually come of all the changes that appear to be happening, from top to bottom. The last few years have made me question the decision to move to Sooke and establish my family here so if massive changes is what is needed to get the municipality progressing again then I will remain optimistic.

    • Soon, we can only hope! Seems a little suspect all these changes occur while she is on maternity leave and therefore has no vote.
      A HUGE mistake with the departure of the Corporate Officer. What a slap in the face for all your hard work.

  2. Wow, looks like Councillors are hiring friends …. Does Mrs Sullivan live in Sooke? What other positions are currently held by nonresidents in organizations like Chamber Commerce and different ”societies” ?

  3. Two different issues here, the new CAO and the corporate officer. CAO and the perceived issues with her hiring were covered weeks, if not a month or more ago.

    • Not at all! Many unexplained issues and unanswered questions stemming from the same common denominator. Changes are strategically being extracted one by one revealing a “transparent” Governing Body or so we’re lead to believe.
      So go ahead residents of Sooke, pay your taxes, fees and charges but don’t question the people you elected to spend your hard earned money.

  4. Oh, what a shame. Bonnie Sprinkling was a shining light at the District. How will they ever replace her?! Tough act to follow, to be sure. We should throw her a farewell party. Every time I’ve ever needed assistance, from complicated applications and conflicting online information to the most simple administrative request – she was the most helpful person ever. This makes me very sad!

  5. One has to wonder. With all these long term staff leaving with good salaries…. What’s wrong!

    US as residents must remember that there is only two new faces to council in past year…other then that the other five member of council have been with us for over 7 years..

    You be the judge…answers in the pudding!

  6. The new CAO clearly believes in an “out with the old and in with the new” philosophy. I’ve seen this many times when there is a leadership change in organizations. The interesting thing to watch will be what the hiring process will be for replacements…whether she goes through an open, transparent, public process of hiring or if she simply “stacks the deck” with people she knows personally who will follow her lead.
    My biggest concern is that our new CAO will leverage her long standing relationships with her close network in the WestShore communities, and start turning Sooke into “Langford-lite”!

    • Interesting… Wondering how much it cost the Sooke Taxpayers to “get rid if the old”? Long time serving senior managers …Cha Ching !

    • Jim, I’m not sure what you mean here…but I’m not going too far out on a limb when I say I think the new CAO is taking the opportunity to stack the deck and bring in anyone she feels like hiring.

      These should be open, competitive hirings and there should be no terminations without cause and disclosure.

      I don’t care if, as she has said, “Mayor and council have one employee, and that’s called the Chief Administrative Officer. The rest of the employees are the responsibility of the CAO to hire.” because we are still the ones paying her salary and we deserve accountability.

  7. Seems the new CAO came in and cleaned house. Little doubt she was charged with doing so. No matter, Sooke will remain stagnant. No one really cares about economic development and moving the town forward here, especially compared to other communities. Sooke will continue to lose population to Langford. Those with creativity and energy will go elsewhere.