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“Sooke” teacher disciplined for racist remarks does not teach in Sooke — 26 Comments

    • There were issues when my daughter attended EMCS too. I spoke with him and was stunned at this comments regarding students with disabilities, particularly learning disabilities. He also had negative comments regarding first nations students. I have never, ever heard a teacher speak that way. When I told him I didn’t appreciate his comments, he got angry and just kept repeating it to me over and over getting louder each time trying to convince me of his logic. I eventually just walked away but that experience really stuck with me.

  1. I had heard he went to Royal Bay Secondary after the incident. And Royal Bay Secondary only opened in the fall of last year but the incident occurred in 2014 when he was teaching at EMCS.

  2. Just because he is educated doesnt mean he is smart. He should know better but he is in a strong union.
    Unfortunately it happens far too often when some of these types get into positions of “authority”.
    Problems like this range in all positions from Teachers to CRD bylaw Officers. So many stories pop up when people start talking to other people.
    Maybe the Teachers Union should be contacted directly since the School Board prefers to solve the problem by shuffling him around?

    • I would hope both the union and the employer can work together to educate this man. Unacceptable behaviour such has his must be addressed in order to facilitate change. Of course I do not know the whole story, but I would support attempting to resolve the issue

  3. He taught here for awhile and was transfered out of EMCS in mid September 2015. The incident talked about happened at EMCS. From what I understand from my children he did other things as well,

  4. if he was referring to her islamic belief or religion (presumably that is why he referred to her as possibly acting like a jihadist), then his remarks are not racist. the remarks are ill conceived and inappropriate but they are not racist, because Islam is NOT a race, it is a religious ideology. Muslims (followers of islam) come in all ethnicities and races.

  5. He taught my daughter when she attended EMCS. He yelled at her in class for taking notes after missing some classes. I went & had a chat with him. I had to raise my voice to get my point across which if you know me is not my style at all. Disappointing to think of all the students that he has ridiculed or hurt with unkind comments. Why isn’t he being fired?