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Sooke Teacher’s Association sends statement to SPN regarding teacher Matthew Shawn Pell — 17 Comments

  1. Not good enough. It was not just one episode. Many, many said they had problems with him.I am saddened that they are keeping him employed, Clearly it’s Wrong!

  2. A week ago the vast majority of of parents who’s kids had him for a teacher provably didn’t know thing about what happened two years ago. It’s been dealt with as per the regulations that govern the teachers union. In a week the vast majority of teachers who kids have him a teacher will have forgotten and moved onto something else.

    • It is a far greater issue than regulations and “being dealt with” . Racism and the harm promoted by Mr. Pell in his ignorance are unforgivable – especially for someone with a job as important as that of a school teacher. He should not be allowed to continue spreading his dangerous and racist and ideas to impressionable students in any classroom.

  3. A cultural sensitivity course is not going to change this mans character. In any company if you spoke like that with a coworker you would be fired – no question. This guy is educating our young ones all day. If my kid was in this guys class I would insist on another instructor.

  4. Should have been dealt with in 2014, to little to late. He should not be teaching period.

  5. Probably make a transfer to another school..lost in the system. This is how it seems to go time and time again.
    How’s the child and parents doing?

  6. Yes he should NOT be allowed around kids anymore! He didn’t say it once but multiple times to this kid & OTHERS! I think this matter needs further action. It is verbal abuse to say the least.

  7. Now that is nice of the teacher association to support him but I want to know what has been done for the students who were exposed to his discriminatory comments. Seems to me that they are being left out of all of these discussions.

  8. yes, his behaviour was inappropriate and he should be disciplined, but his behaviour was NOT racist. If he was mocking her for her religion, Islam, which muslims of a variety of races follow, then he is not being racist because Islam is a religious ideology, it is not a race. There are muslims (followers of Islam) from every race. To call his remarks racist is about as sensible as if she had been Christian, or Scientologist, or even Communist, and he mocked her for those beliefs, it would not be racist. it would be inconsiderate, ignorant, inappropriate, maybe even bigoted, but not racist. when people make fun of Christians for their beliefs, do we call it racist? no. So, to have a prejudice about Islam is not racist. More appropriate would be to call it anti-religious bigotry, but not racism.

    • Semantics aside, this child is suffering because she is middle eastern, and the teacher’s reference to the Taliban in regards to the student a cruel mockery. Debating racism or religion versus cultural intolerance is really amazingly far from the point. The teacher blatantly demonstrated prejudicial attitudes and presumed that because a student was of Middle Eastern heritage, he could tease her and apparently others in a most hurtful way, making a judgement out of complete ignorance (as in lack of knowledge). How many other cultural groups has he offended in two years? As educators, we need to promote cultural diversity, celebrating similarities and differences, and not perpetuate the ignorance of intolerance. Call it prejudice, racism, bigotry or what you will, but what he did should not be acceptable to parents, teachers or anyone.

  9. This situation was avoidable.

    Should this course “Building Cultural Intelligence in Your Workplace” NOT be mandatory and the first course any aspiring teacher be required to complete?

    Don’t pass that first test no teaching ticket.
    Pass that test on 2nd or 3rd writing certification is granted but the individual is on notice and removed from the list only after displaying Cultural Intelligence for a given period of time.

    Pass the test then go off the rails certification revoked.Immediately. No appeals.

    Learn new phrases such as “would you like fries with that?”

  10. Stop this judgment against Matthew Pell! There is much more to this story! Mr Pell is not allowed to give his side! He is not racist and doesn’t deserve this horrible criticism! Maybe think about how one sided this is! Just because you all hear it on the news it doesn’t make it legitimate?? I’m disgusted with these comments and please stop bashing him! He’s not the person you all think he is!!!