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Sooke to be included for the first time, in this year’s annual homeless count — 8 Comments

  1. Offer them a one way ride into Victoria . They have plenty of resources there for them. Don’t try and attract the bums out to Sooke

    • It is exactly that kind of ignorance that hinders the ability to offer local resources to those in need.
      Rather than go off regarding your remark of offering the ” Bums ” a one way ticket I challenge you to educate yourself on the true meaning of homelessness.

  2. Unfortunately with how the housing market is across the country and how employment opportunities are, the homeless population is only growing. Cities like victoria yes do have resources but are also doing all they can, its all up to the communities that should come together and help out. To many people who want help are turned away because the stigma cause by those who dont want any help just a hand out.

  3. The one thing I am so thankful for is the roof over my head….its getting harder and harder to find a place let alone afford one. My parents suite was just re posted as their tennant is leaving and it took 2 hrs to have it rented again.

  4. The reality is we need a ratio count. The amount living below the poverty line and the actual ‘homeless ‘ are totally different. Sooke has a lot of people that can’t afford to live cheque to cheque but do simply through necessity

  5. There are families and working poor who cannot afford the ridiculously inflated rental costs. Last week a family of three who were living in their mini van were asked to move their van out of the parking spot they had been in near the Juan de Fuca pool because their little girl was paying to go in to use the shower and bathroom facilities before going to school. They were renovicted in Jan.