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Sooke’s Gas Tax transfer will primarily go the Turf Field project — 25 Comments

    • why should our money be used to support something for a group rather than for the whole? and is not it needed somewhere more critical than games?

  1. NEVER a waste of money for a community to spend on its youth! I am a retiree so will never have use of this field but who cares my grandchildren might, my neighbours might a busy child is a happy child.

    • Totally agree with you Al! My kids are young and never did enjoy baseball and soccer but we still totally support the upgrade of useable fields for our community! Love it

    • I don’t think people have looked into this much. The application for winning the host for the Commonwealth Games is to remove any artificial turf as it is a safety hazard from falls and lack of traction and a health hazard from bird droppings bacteria. The Sooke field is costing $1.6 million. Much of it from District funds.
      Kids will have to wear elbow and knee pads to protect from friction burns. The temperature on a sunny day can be 10 degrees hotter on an artificial field. The field will need to be replaced in 7 years. the Sooke field is host to hundreds of Canadian Geese who leave huge piles of droppings. With one field in artificial turf how will that help the other fields? Games will still be canceled because of the weather.

  2. Mark Whiteson I think many families and children of Sooke benefit and fit the definition of community. Community doesn’t mean evey single person that resides in the area

  3. Let me see. Whiffenspit has No Sewers, has No Sidewalks, has Poor Lighting, has Nothing ! Whiffenspit the Crown Jewel of Sooke itself is Not Wheelchair Accessible, has Not enough Garbage Cans, has Not a Suitable Public Washroom, has Nothing ! Whiffenspit is literally falling apart via Winter Storms and an Incredible Amount of Sooke Residents and Tourists visiting every day.

    You know what is the most Amazing Thing ? It is the current Council wearing blinders over their inexperienced eyes kowtowing to special Interests groups and not taking into account that there is more to Sooke than Sports Fields or the Arts or whatever fancy passes through their minds !

    Election is in a year and a bit. Time for a new Mayor and Council ! One that will look after All of Sooke.

  4. Mark Whiteson no this is for the whole community! When our kids don’t play because of washed out fields the other teams also don’t play, their families stay home instead of coming here and spending at businesses like Sooke River Store, The Noodle Place, The Sushie Place, restaurants in town, hotels in town when tournaments are here etc. etc. The residents of Langford along with Stu Young had a vision and followed through with it and now Langford is a very vibrant happening place Sooke needs a vision also, on a smaller scale obviously but sometimes you just have to go for it, and who better to spend money than our kids.

  5. UNfortunately for some we can’t just build houses for young families and expect them to move here without providing some level of recreation. As the tax base increases we can fix infrastructure.

  6. Is there a final pic of how the field will be once completed? I have never seen anything. Will there be a concession? How will that effect the nearby business if so? Very curious as I drive by almost daily.