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Sooke’s second co-housing project moves full steam ahead, workshops Mar 17 and 18 — 13 Comments

    • I have never been a fan of people claiming a view is their right because they bought or own a cheaper piece of land inland of the more expensive land between them and what they are gazing at. SO yeah in theory don’t worry about blocking views….and yet in a small town like Sooke we don’t need to build higher than 4 or 5 stories. I think this one is too high already merely based upon the existing cityscape. a lack of higher buildings are not holding back Sooke: local businesses or lack of them are holding back Sooke. Vaguely, I recall the city plan was to promote dwellings above business spaces…three or four stories of condos/apartments (low income would hopefully be interspersed with the for profit models) and retail, office and other business space on the main floors. Generally I have to go with that as Sooke needs more jobs than we need more housing. the easier it is to open a business in SOoke the better…and so i am a fan of more business footage and less residential footage in each giant structure we allow. Also who is blocking Sooke Disposal from having a yard in SOoke that will employ people? Get off it already…your blocking Sooke from thriving is all your doing.

  1. I was just talking about this, and the future of Marniner’s Village. What incredible potential with that spectacular ocean view. Since we are still in developmental stages, wouldn’t it make sense if there are going to be buildings, to PLAN for it? I guess what I mean is, closer to the water, the lower the height. Why ruin the 10 million dollar view for every else behind them like a big wall? Is there no such thing as city planners? Who approves this and how does it work with ‘the big plan’ for Sooke?…blind leading the blind. I’m just as pissed as the other commenters here as well. It is gross.