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Sooke’s second pot shop opens its doors for business — 31 Comments

  1. Really? Now we have 2 Pot Shops. Isn’t that going to be competition for the druggies on Otter Pt. Rd? I guess you can still get your crack and meth from them.

  2. And they sell ice cream too…wow, will have to bring the kids down with me! What’s this town coming to?

    • This town is just getting with the times treating ailments with a natural approach is amazing, much better than going to the doctor and getting prescribed pills that mask the pain and cause a whole new magnitude of problems and side effects.

      • Just cause weed is natural does not mean that it necessarily has less side effects and/or that it is more effective for treating pain, etc. than a prescription medication is. Moreover, a natural treatment is ‘merely masking’ pain/the condition too – it’s not like a condition that causes pain, etc. is fundamentally improved via weed…weed is merely treating the symptom just like aspirin does.

        • Jim, weed has no side effects, whereas the celebrex, vioxx and corticosteroids all had very bad side effects. Even Aleve caused terrible side effects, and the effects on vital organs are detrimental.

          • Also, you want to talk about masking pain, take some of those muscle relaxers and risk further injury from “feeling no pain”. Pot does not mask pain, so much as it diverts the brain from dwelling on the pain. Trust me, I have been in pain since the age of 21. Severe, chronic pain that often is acute.

        • Oh my gosh. I had to reply. Sorry this reply might not be popular or liked by people with your mindset but I strongly suggest you educate yourself regarding prescription medication as well as the latest research and studies on medical cannabis before you post statements like this one! Google charlottes web cannabis strain, ptsd and medical can ibis or Rick Simpson organic cannabis oil, cure your own cancer. I could go on and on but I think it’s suffice to say – I am living proof it works!!! 🙂

  3. Obviously we still have people running around Sooke that still live in the dark ages. Do some research people!

  4. Welcome to Lori and Lisa! Stopped in the other day and you have some quality products. Best of luck in your new venture.

  5. The notion that you need 2 stores in a town this size to supply “medicinal” weed is a joke. Next year they will be able to tell it and sell it like it is, so don’t try to kid an old hippie with this Dr. Feelgood Magic Elixar nonsense, and I won’t tell you I have a beer now and then to keep me “regular”.

    • Agree with Mark’s comments. Let’s be honest and admit that we don’t have that many sick people in Sooke needing medicinal weed, especially all those young males. As for all the medicinal claims, it’s like herbal treatments. Some research looks promising but lot more needs to be done to justify some claims. I can see a day soon when this is regulated like herbal products, that is, you can’t be making false health claims. At this point in time lots of people are positioning themselves to get in ground floor of future big business. Location next to liquor store seems appropriate.

  6. I’ve never understood the fascination with weed. It’s a herb plain and simple. Yes you can get high off it. Who cares. You can get high off of Camomile if you smoke drink, or snort enough of it. The same is true for cinnamon, oregano, and pretty much all the herbs/spices out there! Like any herb, if you take too much of it, you will probably get some negative side effects, especially if you are using an ounce or more a day. ( psychosis). This is true for any herb. Somehow Marijuana is the lucky winner. This is why keeping it illegal doesn’t make sense, but neither does selling the idea that it is magical and healing for every ailment out there. It seems that folks are so desperate for,weed to be legal that they will say it’s a cure all for just about anything! which is not only dangerous , but stupid. Like anything you take, its important to do your own research as well as determine what research actually speaks to the facts about marijuana. Be careful not to get sucked into the cultural propaganda , or you will likely make yourself unnecessarily sick, and YES people, You can get addicted to weed!

  7. glad to see alternative meds becoming available here. My husband had an ear infection & was prescribed drops which don’t address the virus and contain fluoride a neuotoxin, steroids which do nothing, and propalyne glycol which is anti-freeze, no way is he putting that in his body! Treating him w/organic tea tree oil & oregano oil, hydrogen peroxide and warm wter with sea salt and after a few days he’s feeling much better. No side effects and the oils help boost immune system. Studies now show tylenol causes dementia. Most big pharma drugs full of toxic ingredients besides the drug itself including pesticides, aluminum, formaldehyde mercury lead and fluoride each with their own side effects. The dramatic increase in dementia, alzheimers, cancers, diabetes, heart conditions, acid reflux etc directly trace back to these drugs.
    Most western med drs don’t know how to treat patients who need new diets, exercise, clean food not food-like substances, no diet sodas, aspartame, margerine, gluten-free etc all make people sicker and obese as they get no nutrients are always hungry but get nothing from what they eat.

  8. It’s so great to have access to quality medicinal grade cannabis products. My partner and I were in the other day and were well impressed with your shop.Welcome and thank you.

  9. Fantastic Outstanding and most excellent to see even Sooke in the beautiful BC there are progressive and caring people providing a much needed service for those in need. It gives choice to those who suffer badly from the side effects of mainline establishment medical products and who else knows their bodies best? but them. Big business , governments and lefty socialists do gooder’s no doubt oppose this service as it will impact on their obscene profits and control. Good on you wonderful and beautiful Lori and Lisa ,I always knew one day you would do good for the community .Go girls go
    Take care Stay safe and hope to catch up one day soon

    Mr J Downunder

  10. Why do you charge tax on top when everyone else has the tax in? You have the same prices on the sign as everyone else…