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Sooke’s Seedy Saturday, captured in photos — 2 Comments

  1. Sooke’s Seedy Saturday yesterday WAS amazing!
    We followed it with an equally amazing visit to Sooke’s own Permaculture farm … Cast Iron Farm. What an amazing concept … having a farm that can almost support itself … based on several dedicated humans’ ever-expanding acquaintance with hardy, local, edible, perennial plants, an understanding of how good natural drainage works, and lastly, based on their capacity for joy in seeing how farm animals like pigs, chickens, rabbits and ducks can help to control bugs, dig up weeds, fertilize soil and be wonderful beings with which to share our time on this Earth! If you are interested in helping out, work parties will apparently be on Saturday mornings. Great place!!! Thanks, Erin and Tony!!! We intend to be there when we can! 🙂