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Sooke’s Traffic Circle Update from Mayor Maja Tait — 7 Comments

  1. Looking forward to the improvements. It would be nice to see the strip coming in to Sooke full of life like Sidney. Bring tourists here to see the beauty of what Sooke has to offer.

  2. I agree I haven’t lived there for over 15 yrs and I’ve seen no improvement at all since then. When I drive through I scratch my head wondering what happened and why it looks so rundown. I also work in the hospitality industry and never recommend tourists going there…always send them to Sidney 🙁

    • Dani, thats sad. Sooke and Sidney do have different vibes. Sooke is more “Wild by Nature”. With being little over a decade of being a municipality, many of the physical infrastructure that help develop a commercial core are still being developed, but the natural infrastructure is amazing. Events like Fine Arts, the Sooke Night Market and the excellent accommodations and restaurants do provide top notch human experiences to go along with the natural wonders.

  3. Glad to see these projects coming to fruition. Long overdue in my opinion. Sure, people will complain about the disruption and timing. No one council or project will ever please all the people all the time but the overall result should be well worth it and benefit the majority. No pain, no gain!

    • sounds like you aren’t one that owns & operates a business front in Sooke, when it could have been started in September, after most of the visitor business is handled.