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Sorensen provides Apartment fire update, and issues general warning — 10 Comments

  1. I hope they catch a butt-dropper or two and make an example of them. I will be writing down the license number and description of any car I see a butt flying out of, and I *will* report it. (and likely post the info on FB.) And if I see someone doing the same while walking, I *will* speak with them.

  2. I would report them also… it’s totally irresponsible to throw cigarette butts out of a vehicle at any time of the year!

  3. Who said it was caused by a *cigarette* —- quote: The cause of the fire is still under investigation END QUOTE. It could have been *something else*. Allow the Fire investigators to research first.

  4. I just heard that none of the tenants had tenant insurance. Now they’re about to be kick out onto the street on Friday after the emergency service aid ends. Why is tenant insurance optional in British Columbia? It should mandatory for anyone entering into a rental agreement to have rental insurance. Also, most of these people live on social assistance. This fire is not just a disaster for these people. It is a life altering experience in which they are at risk of falling into a hole they cannot get out of. These consequences could have been lessened by proper insurance.

  5. Think about what you wrote. People on social assistance barely have enough for rent and food, if that. Where are they going to find the money for insurance?

    • Tia… Where will they find the money? That’s a good question, but doesn’t negate the fact that without insurance they are now ruined. They are now homeless with nothing, because they didn’t have insurance. It’s like driving without proper insurance. A minor fender-bender for some people would be the end if it wasn’t for insurance. Perhaps you should think about it.