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Sorry for silence, I caught COVID — 13 Comments

  1. Am I not understanding your graph? It shows the vaxed ,I think much higher than non or partial vaxed. Am I correct in that reading?

    • When comparing vaxxed to unvaxxed numbers, it proportional to population. Roughly speaking, and mind you I’m rounding the numbers now because I’m tired, but about 90% of the population – that would be the vaccinated – account for 60% of the hospitalized cases. Those who are unvaxxed, roughly 10% of the population, account for the remaining 40% of hospital cases. Hope that helps. Britt.

  2. Sorry to hear you have Covid. Hope you feel better very soon. Glad you are vaccinated. I think that your last sentence you may have meant to say “shouldn’t”. Get well, be well, stay safe.

  3. I believe there’s also a substantial further reduction in severity of symptoms for those who have had their booster.

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