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SPN Editorial: There are plenty of reasons not to re-elect the Sooke mayor; the European sewer tour is not one of them — 25 Comments

  1. I’m sorry… I can see why the Chairman of the CRD commission, should go do a eyes on look… I don’t have a problem with that. Like it was said on the radio.. someone has to check out what the people in these areas see and smell. I don’t have a problem with 4 other people going along… assuming they are professionals like City Engineers.

    I do have a problem with 3 non professional CRD board members going to do a smell test, and two City staff to carry their bags and do the paperwork. If you want something done properly… send the professionals… if you want a dog and pony show… send the Politicians.

  2. Well done article, and yes I read it all, I didn’t read the other article because personally it didn’t interest me and I made no judgements about it.

    • Excellent reply Britt…..in Maja’s role, whether it be as Mayor or CRD Chair, there will always be naysayers. It’s a vulnerable role filled with criticisms which she handles with responsibilty, diplomacy, tact and grace. It is always easier to critique, versus offering words of praise and support, or standing back and reading all of the back story. I for one will be standing with Maja for reelection when she chooses to do so.

  3. Thanks for the article Britt. In addition, I heard Barb Desjardins on the radio yesterday, who stated the trip is not just about sewage treatment, but part of an overall strategy to get rid of solid waste and organic/kitchen scraps as well. As outrageous as it sounds, it’s quite forward thinking to try and use the same technology to dispose of biosolids and other solid waste.

  4. Two comments….Shouldn’t the “experts” be going? What type of experience does the mayor bring to the table in this regard? Will she just bring feedback home from certain peoples opinions???

    Secondly…Very few people have ever wanted amalgamation in the Greater Victoria area…you know a guy from Oak Bay voting on a Sidney issue. or a woman from Saanich voting on a Colwood/Langford issue ETC so with Sooke not part of the Greater Victoria Sewage issue…why is she heading this board??? JUst a simple question that I dont understand…Not trying to stir the pot

  5. The way the system works, elected officials make the decisions. The experts who are not elected advise the politicians. Sometimes professionals people have blind spots and agendas and conflicts of interest, same as politicians. And most politicians are public servants trying to do their best for the people they represent.

    The chair of the committee is expected to help the committee come to a decision about the advise they receive. Understanding the advise will be helpful. Thank you Britt for not just letting commenters run wild and crazy on the SPN website. Uniformed opinions are not useful in public discussions.

  6. If facebook were to display next to each comment whether a link was even clicked and how much time was spent on an external page before returning to the comment section, it would probably improve the quality of the public discussion. At least somewhat.

  7. Britt, as usual you rock!!! I like that you tell it as it is and are fair as well!!!
    ( and I think our mayor is a class act!!)

  8. Britt, as usual you tell it like it is and are fair as well!!!
    ( and I think our mayor is a class act!!)

  9. I still wonder why they wouldn’t look at sewage treatment centres that are much closer to home, rather than an 8 – 10 hour flight away, provided you get a direct flight and are able to leave the airport on time.

  10. After reading your latest article a couple of things come to mind, just because someone ANYONE is the chair of a committee does not make them the best suited person to make a decision on a subject, they are there to chair the committee. As for Our Mayor lobbying for a medical center and better roads and bus system, is that not why they were elected?

  11. I think the trip is a good idea. We could learn a lot from Europe not only about sewers. They do most things so much more efficiently and sustainably than North America.

  12. With apologies Britt, because you do amazing work for the community, and do it for very little reward but:

    I do technology, connectivity focused technology, for a living and I stand by what I wrote in that other thread. There is no good reason to have to be there in person to evaluate either solutions or proponents. This is 2017 and there are far too many mechanisms for that kind of work to be done remotely for me to agree this is a wise use of tax dollars.

    The idea that this team will glean demonstrably useful information by going there that they couldn’t remotely doesn’t work for me. Any proponents for this project would be more than happy to come to them as well, and put on full-blown dog and pony shows presenting every facet of what they can deliver and the details of their solutions would be available for scrutiny by the technical members of the board’s team as well.

    This is just one you and I will have to agree to disagree on.


  13. Thanks Britt,
    Well said, thanks for getting to the bottom of an obviously contentious issue. Can’t wait for the next contentious issue to arise!

  14. I didn’t know our Mayor was going, but i did know CRD members were going and I am fine with that. Victoria is decades behind the times and we need to fix our sewage situation right now. The costs of running the city are so huge that 5 people going to see sewage treatment first hand is a drop in the bucket, so to speak….we need to do something and this seems reasonable. Now that I hear OUR mayor is going and we already have a sewage plant, I think we get some added bonus out of it in that our mayor will get some inside info on treatment that will benefit SOoke for years. I support our Mayor and I will support her if she goes overseas to study sewage treatment on behalf of the CRD. Not an Issue, in my opinion.