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SPN is back up, for now … which raises the question, how important is media to you? — 9 Comments

  1. Glad you’re back.
    Now, who might have motive to facilitate this disruption?
    Knowing the local RCMP’s torpor and hibernation, I’d think there’s a jurisdiction that would seriously investigate and prosecute the perpetrators.

    Was the factual and pejorative content of any local fraudsters removed ?

  2. Once again, this latest attack on SPN is very timely. Supreme Court hearings imminent, most likely late January/early February, and a certain other matter bubbling away on the back burner. Call me cynical, but I suspect someone feels threatened by your accurate, detailed, and fact-based reporting. The truth is uncomfortable (and humiliating) for those who strive to fly under the radar. On a broader note, as a member of the Sooke community I look forward to the newsletter delivered to my inbox every morning at no cost to me, but most certainly paid for in blood, sweat, and tears by Ms. Santowski. SPN lives to fight another day with unparalleled passion, dedication, and integrity. Thank you for your service!

  3. Welcome back. Sorry to hear about the atrackers. I rely on your information and appreciate all the effort you and your team do to keep us up to date. Happy 2021!

  4. I salute your steadfast way of never giving up in the face of years of difficulties. Thanks for all that effort.

  5. Media matters
    Without a free press, our Democracy dies.
    Between the Circus over the last 4 years South of the boarder and the pandemic over the last year, the term “Fake News” and emboldened keyboard warriors have flourished.
    I have read your Publication for some time. You are a good journalist who reports facts with flare and sometimes gentle humor.
    I’m sorry you are a target. However, to me this means people are paying attention.
    I hope you are able to continue. I would love to be a contributor, but my writing skills only seem to manifest themselves on their own timetable. I can only find the words about subjects that I’m passionate or inflamed about, I can’t do it on demand.
    Perhaps when I’m able to write a decent article, I will send it to you.
    I hope your daily emails don’t disappear from my inbox.
    What you do for our small community is important, and I thank you for it.

  6. Welcome back. Please stay on Britt. I do look forward to the information you provide!!