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SPN is looking for survey Q and A’s; do you have any suggestions? — 10 Comments

  1. Survey Question:
    If you live in Sooke, which of the following apply’s to you the most?
    A. I commute to Victoria
    B. I telecommute
    C. I take the bus into Victoria
    D. I work in Sooke or am self employed.
    E. I commute to Langford or somewhere within thirty minutes of Sooke

  2. Do we really need the CRD? We have Federal, Provincial, and Municipal. What does the CRD add to this and is there a way to give a voice to areas outside the Municipal boundaries?

  3. Why not get local businesses to think up some questions and answers. They might like knowing favourite menu items, what types of books they prefer, favourite thing to do when they are feeling stressed, best way to stay fit, and for those very, somewhat, not very, not at all questions, emergency preparedness, how likely are they are to go to a beach, take a vacation, etc. Public opinion is my thing. Gotta love it.

  4. Do you find it frustrating that the Sooke bus bypasses the Langford Exchange during the morning and afternoon peak commuter times?

  5. Wildlife. Do you see wildlife in Sooke. In your neighbourhood Do you know what attracts wildlife , do you put your garbage out side , where do you store your garbage. Etc etc

  6. I walk in the forest and see a lot of medicinal flowers and plants…I look in my book and online to cross reference. Wonder how many people actually know about the great natural healing resources we have right here, just awesome

  7. To build upon the creativity and innovation that is found in the nooks and crannies of our region, Sooke needs:

    A. An incubator
    B. A seed fund for innovative new companies
    C A makerspace or hackerapace
    D A Sooke-wide business plan competition
    E All of the above
    F None of the above

    • I would like to talk to whomever posted this list of needs.

      And I would like to talk to you, Britt, some time, if you’d like to schedule a time and place where and when we might meet.
      James Duggan
      Cottage #12 6747 Ayre Rd. 250 642 6727 (land line / no message m/c)