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SPN take-aways from the April 11 Council meeting; Kasper returns CRD Director position to Tait — 12 Comments

  1. And what, if she even bothered to offer one, was the reason Brenda Parkinson gave for her opposition to returning the CRD directorship to Mayor Tait?

    • Rather than waiting until September 1 to formally reinstate Mayor Tait to her CRD directorship (as the Mayor herself suggested so as to allow Councillor Kasper to finish current projects he’s been working on at that level), Councillor Parkinson suggested last night that the position be immediately returned to Maja..Parkinson argued that Kasper could continue to attend CRD board meetings as the alternate director (as had been the case prior to the mat leave and will be after Labour Day). I believe that’s why she registered her opposition. PS Excellent summary, Britt, thank you. You merit a media table of your own. And bravo to all the young soccer players at the back of the room who waited patiently in support of Sooke Soccer. Its various reps unveiled a $1.8 million plan for a first-class turf field at Fred Milne Park and they’re well on their way with $1m promised from regional government and $200k more via in-kind donations. The rest they’ll raise themselves through grant applications, gaming funds and, I imagine, many more bottle drives. PPS Wonderful to witness Mayor Tait back in the big chair. She ran the meeting crisply, handled the CRD directorship issue gracefully and remains a definitive class act.

  2. Great coverage. This is why SPN is the best publication in BC — plus its paperless!

  3. I have been mulling the proceedings of last night’s meeting all day long; I am fuming; I am disgusted. Good on Brenda Parkinson for objecting to Maja’s reinstatement as of Sept 1st. I do too. Kasper should not be afforded any accommodations of the like, for his behaviour and subsequent rhetoric has been utterly shameful. He violated civil and human rights, let alone codes of human decency, and it is my opinions and great desire that he should resign. I don’t want him, nor any of his cohort, continuing to representing me here in Sooke or anywhere else for that matter.

    And cutting the fire fighting budget?!!! Are you kidding me? For real?! WTF are they thinking?! While at the same time, allocating lots of money to a soccer field, as well as to a fancy shmancy high tech retrofit of our sacred council chambers?! The professional development and equipment upgrades of our fire services are life saving items. Period! The first has been cut in half, and the second is being provided a whole $0 dollars. I am astounded by the short-sightedness and the stupidity of this council for even considering it, and for the person who thought it worthy of presenting. Tait, Logins and Parkinson, you need to get things in order. We are all counting on you and we are all supporting you and we will all fill seats and wall-space and floor-space at every frickin’ gong show of a council meeting until we get our Sooke ducks in a proper row. Don’t get me wrong. I have kids, and they play soccer and they come home mucky and muddy because our soccer fields are mucky and muddy, and I would love to see us have great soccer fields to host visiting teams, etc etc etc. But not when our fire service is, at the same time, GUTTED, and our fire fighting volunteers are, at the same time, neglected and so terribly disrespected, to the point that they may choose to leave the service, and other may choose not to join, which would compromise our community fire service such that, while we were all out cheering this hot and dry summer at the new and improved $million state of the art soccer field, more of our homes and businesses and residents suffer fire loss, and our insurance costs go sky high. And this, after a wildfire call out ALREADY April 8th in Nazko/Quesnel/Williams Lake. We’rein for a helluva fire summerhttp://bcwildfire.ca/hprScripts/WildfireNews/DisplayArticle.asp?ID=2608

    Nice way to invite businesses to relocate here, or homebuyers to purchase here, or tourists to visit here. Sooke Council sucks right now. And their reputation is preceding them all over the West Shore and up island.

    • I wasn’t there, and I haven’t been keeping up to date on what’s goin’ down in Sooke, but this red in the hood sounds like he or she has some pretty meaty bones to pick here … what the heck is goin’ on? zoundz like zome pretty zeriouz ztuff … soccer, msm news and beer … that should keep them lookin’ the other way … ok gyz lez move on the next scam … while we haven’t got their attention deficit …

  4. What is this “unfinished business” that Kasper needs to do before he hands back Maja’s position on the CRD? After this fiasco – seemingly a failed “coup” – I am afraid that he might be doing something awfully embarrassing on the CRD in the name of Sooke! What is he up to?!!! *%#$@

  5. I find it apalling that money was removed from the budget allocation for our sole fire department, YET, 300k was provided for the soccer field. Next time there is a fire requiring numerous responders, and there’s inadequate equipment and not enough trained firefighters or EMT’s …I’ll take comfort in knowing we have another local soccer field. Nice logic, Council.