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SPN Takeaways of the May 9 COW and Council Meetings — 6 Comments

  1. Thanks for the recap Britt, and…

    Huge bonus points use of the word “grokked”.

  2. and this week, the community hall is now being discussed for improvements…mmmm i think i suggested that this was coming now we have already put up the money for a library, seaparc, soccer fields, sidewalk extensions in the town core, etc…..they predict 18% tax increase over the next five years – i suggest it will be higher as we seem to have no restraint…..and the community hall (imo) should have been sorted before a number of these other things…

  3. Yes its always grokked me when we host events at the hall with no land around the building. I suggest we pick it up and move it to the new acreage that Sooke bought for the library only a block away. We will then have the land from the Hall and from the current library to pay for it all! Ta da.

  4. I see under Public Input Mary Brook suggests that as a district reporter, the public can go to her publication and get information. She doesn’t mention that she has banned many residents of access to her publication even through Twitter etc. I wonder if the District knows this?