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SPN Takeaways: Regular Council Meeting Monday June 13, 2016 — 9 Comments

  1. “That Council accept the Sooke PocketNews as an official media source, and that all local media outlets be give equal opportunity.”

    Seems fairly straight forward, yet three councilors were opposed. As I did not attend the meeting, I would be interested in reviewing the minutes to discover the reason(s) why. Perhaps, and this is speculation on my part, they view SPN as social media or a blog and not as a news source in the more traditional sense.

  2. Time for the District of Sooke to start buying local itself now that SPN is an official media source, and shift its advertising spend away from Black News of Surrey that owns the Sooke News Mirror and channel of this money to SPN. No one reads or wants paper anymore anyway.

  3. Yes, I can understand that Kasper and Reay would vote it down. Not to focus on the bad aspect of it but they have become aware that the public now has a venue to express our feelings and exchange facts when they pull off some of their bad politics. Previously we would have to bring our complaints to Council Chambers and be told we were out of order, some residents have waited in the parking lot and had the RCMP attend the conversation. I guess their next step is to brand public comments as illegal.

  4. I fully expected Kasper and Reay to vote against it. I was surprised though that Pearson did as it was basically Brenda Parkinson’s original motion with his rewording that went to a vote. To me he voted against his own motion.