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SPN Takeaways: Regular Sooke Council Meeting, July 11, 2016 — 5 Comments

  1. a nice quiet meeting with not too much going on with even half the councillors not show up…good presentations about homelessness and a compost/bio-solids station, can’t these presenters though do the numbers and have them as part of their own presentations? these requests are incomplete with a business plan! … Jeff Bateman, with the latter presentation, should have had a number of feasibility studies from around this country for towns this size at hand – the council proposed staff look into the cost of a study!!! Kasper even mentioned that Sannich and Penisula Co-op are working on something thru the CRD therefore feasibility studies are already done on the south island!!!

  2. one other thing of note was how the municipal staff were all wearing pink, whereas no one else in the room was – if they ever wanted to demonstrate an ‘us against them’ show then they did a good job – totally unnecessary and over the top…notably as one member of the public wanted to discuss this topic but was told his topic was not on the agenda – free speech – so this member of the public must wait several months before he has the opportunity to discuss free speech….so the municipal staff were allowed to make a statement about what they think of the public while the public had to sit and quietly accept it….please Mrs Mayor tell us all examples of the bullying so we can stand with you and fight it!?!?!

  3. Good to see poverty and homelessness being addressed in Sooke. This is an area where government should get involved and can help make a difference. Let’s see some attention to this matter. For example, the availability of affordable housing in Sooke is low. Part of the issue is that we have many vacant and unused houses in Sooke — at least half the year. I am wondering if the Mayor of Sooke is going to step up to the plate like the mayors of Oak Bay and Victoria did in support of a tax on unoccupied housing now that the BC Government has legalized such a tax as a solution to the housing problem. This would be a a good way to for Sooke to raise tax revenues so it can give more grants to the Food Bank and other poverty-alleviating organizations; while at the same time create more supply of affordable housing.

    See today’s article in the Times Colonist http://www.timescolonist.com/news/local/province-oks-tax-on-vacant-housing-in-vancouver-1.2299493
    and read of our fellow municipalities that support the new tax.

  4. Just wondering how the number of times councillors being absent from meetings affects their income? How many times a year are they allowed to just not show up and still get paid? Voting seems to carry on without them. Maybe if the average meeting has one or two missing they may want to reduce the number of councillors and have the meeting scheduled for when the rest can show up.

  5. From MoT “The District of Sooke plans to do some minor safety based changes for this weekend’s fishing derby directly adjacent to the Prestige and marina access. The news story you provided (thank you by the way) is not accurate and DoS staff will be contacting them to revise.” The news story reference is to the SNM report.